Thursday, July 9, 2015

2nd Quarter goals reviewed

My initial post for this quarter was here. -- I spent one out of these 3 months with my hand in a brace, completely unable to sew so my progress will be minimal and finishes are nearly non existent. 
  • Continue to keep up with making bee blocks and make a few more kaleidoscope blocks for my quilt. -- I did manage to keep up with these and made about 10 more for my collection -- not finished and I should get the last of my bee mates blocks when I am queen again in September and October so maybe this will be a 4th quarter finish 

  • Complete the Blue Strings Quilt before Father's Day -- I did get the blocks made into a top but not basted or quilted. This is hopefully going to be finished by my dad's birthday in Mid July. 

  • Complete my Scrappy Trip Along Quilt -- nope, all the blocks are made and need arranging for assembly
  • Complete Moda Modern Building Blocks -- nope -- I'm about a third of the way through the blocks 
  • Quilt the Medallion Quilt -- I attempted to quilt this one and ended up with a sprained hand so I'm considering sending it out for long arm quilting. 
  • Quilt Rush Hour -- nope 
  • complete the swap items for the swaps I've already committed to -- YES!!!
1. Spring Fling Mini (due 4/21) -- completed and mailed 
2. Stash Bash Sister Swap (due 4/23) -- completed -- a mini sew together was just one of the goodies that I made for her. 
3. One Hour basket (June 5th) -- completed 
4. Alison Glass Mini (due 6/15)  -- completed 
5. Viva La Villains (due 7/15) -- completed 

  • A tote bag for me to take to Stash Bash -- complete
  • Make my Accuquilt Block -- a project for Stash Bash -- started at stash bash but not completed 
  • Swoon Quilt with Rock N Romance -- nope 
  • Make one of the 4 patterns from Lisa Alley that have been waiting patiently-- nope 
  • make an infinity scarf -- completed at Stash Bash
  • Lucky 21 -- nope
  • All Squared UP -- nope 
  • Katie Spain Jewel Box Quilt -- started and the first step is ready for pressing 
  • Pixelated Heart with Cotton and Steele mini charm pack -- nope
  • Mod POP or Metro Rings with the Quick Curves Ruler -- nope
  • vintage mini quilt top -- nope 
  • Another Sew together bag and perhaps try my hand at making a larger one. -- made a sample for a LQS
  • Jen Kingwell's State Fair -- nope
  • Project for the Cat Nap fabric -- nope
  • Tessellations -- I attended a workshop in June and am making good progress on the blocks 

I have several more than this completed but being paper pieced it's tricky to put them on the wall. 

  • Quilted Seat Covers for my new 1994 Civic -- nope
  • Pattern testing for The Littlest Thistle (Due 6/5) -- had to back out because of the hand injury
  • Tula Pink's City Sampler -- planning to start in September
So out of my 29 goals, I managed to complete 8 things and made progress on 5 others. I am thinking that my goal for next quarter needs to be to simply move some of the WIP's to the finished pile and limit the number of things that I start new. I am already taking a break from swaps currently but I feel that I haven't shared a finish in quite some time so that is where my focus will be a I go forward in 2015. 
Yeah, Ma, we need more sewing time. I miss hanging out with you in our room. 

PS -- it's kind of a mess in here, we should do something about that too. 


  1. You and I are in a similar place of wanting to knock down the lengthy list of WIPs and taking a break from swaps to do so. Your spring fling mini is cute. I have a similar plan for the Text Me mini swap (one of three open quilt swaps that I'm still working on).

  2. The great thing about all this is that you are organized. That's half the battle! Congrats on the finishes.

  3. I love your eye for color and fabric!! ANd out of all your sure know how to save!! LOL!!!

  4. You had good reason not to get as much done and focusing on what you already have in process is a great idea, other than the new one we have planned that is. :) I recognize those Kate Spain pieces. :) Might you be interested in getting a similar stack of Christmas ones? Oh and I'm planning on making a Swoon quilt too...I have the fabric but am trying to figure out which pieces to pair together. Maybe it will be another Quilt Along for you and I?