Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ready for another undertaking?

I made it to July 18th without a purchase this month, I had been busy with getting my dad's quilt completed for his birthday and car club related events so not much time was spent shopping. One of my LQS was having a sidewalk inventory reduction sale and I decided to head over and see about getting another size of embroidery hoop. However, the fabric fairies had other plans for me and I ended up adding 5 yards of fabric to my stash ---- OOPS!! 

Not to worry cause most of these lovelies already have been earmarked for a project and will be a part of the fabric pull for the Tula Pink 100 Blocks quilt that I plan to start in the beginning of August. 
My darling friend Michelle over at Crayon Box Quilt Studio proposed that since we both had this on our wish list that we should be each other's cheerleaders and do it as a sew along -- I'm game for that. (And, we've invited you all along to join us -- check it out)

For me the most daunting thing about starting this project was determining the fabrics that I wanted to use and then I'd figure out the time component for getting it accomplished. 

I had decided a while back that I wanted to use a limited pallet for this one and I wanted to base everything off this lovely Tula Pink Acacia fabric so at least I wasn't stabbing in the dark when it came to pulling out all the lovelies I wanted to use.
FreeSpirit Fabric - Tula Pink - Acacia Collection - Modern, Geometric, Diamonds, Circles Patterns on Cotton Print
I then turned to my friend Lee, she has made this quilt a few times and taught it at some of our local shops so I asked her -- what's a good number of fabrics to start with, especially since I was limiting my color pallet. After getting her feedback I started pulling from my folded fabric (half yards , Fat quarters and large scraps). 
I then pulled some fabric from the yardage stash shelves.
Last pull was from the Tula Stash -- I added a few more so that I would be able to have at least one fabric from each of her lines through Elizabeth represented -- I plan to add some true colors and Eden as they come out. 
This is an estimated 40 yards of stash (I'll have to narrow that down a little before I start working on the blocks) -- time to put some money in the savings jar. With that much fabric I might have enough to make 2 or 3 of this quilt. 

So, Who else needs to be motivated on this project? Michelle is going to be doing a link up, but it's gonna be low key -- just showing off what you've accomplished each month and stop by to see all the lovely things that everyone else is working on too. The first link up is posted and deadline for this one is august 15th to show off your fabric pull or maybe you've already started it and are ready to pick it up again. Join us, I hope that Michelle and I can inspire others of you that have been delaying this project to jump on in and make this project not so daunting because together we inspire each other. 
I'm hoping this will be a 2015 finish so my personal goal for the check ins will be 6 blocks per week or about 25 total each month (August - November). That leaves December to set them, baste, quilt and bind the project -- Oh MY! 


  1. What a beautiful fabric pull. This will be such a fun project for you to work on. Your quilt will be beautiful. I look forward to seeing it come together.

  2. I'm looking forward too to seeing how yours turns out. This will be fun!

  3. I'm going to try to start and keep up with you! I just bought this book last week, and I've got my tula stash ready to go. Thanks! Will you be posting on IG?

  4. I have this book and love it, and thought it was a shame that I hadn't made any of the blocks. I will join you guys! No way for me to get it done by December, but I'll give myself a year. :)

  5. I have started and have about 12 blocks done from the Sew Sweetness QAL. Then I stalled. This will be a good incentive to get me started again.

  6. I'm in! My book is on its way! Naughty Michelle!