Monday, July 13, 2015

3rd annual Piggy Bank Challenge

Since things went so well for me with the reveal of last years Piggy Bank Challenge I decided that I would link up with Val again and see how things go with both people in out household being active participants. 

We are both competitive when it comes to things like this but hubby doesn't usually carry cash with him (mainly because of his job) so I'm not sure we will do this as a competition but more as a cooperative. However we are toying with the idea of doing a cash allowance each month to help with budgeting better and decreasing the frivolous expenses.  

You all know that my banks are ready to go 
Gotta find something fun for hubby to use for his cash 

This year's goal for the savings is looking like it might be going toward another project car -- we have had such a blast working on and putting the civic together that there has been talk of doing another car some time in the future. 

Hubs would love to have an original AE86 (1983 -1987 Toyota Carolla Hatchback-- for my non car people).  This is the little car that his car is based off -- I think it would be an awesome 35th or 40th birthday gift for him in a couple of years. (If anyone has one they are wanting to part with let me know.)

I'm going to keep working on using my stash as much as I can to help with saving and I think for my new projects I will start rewarding myself by adding a dollar to the jar per yard used -- If I had gone out shopping I would have spent way more and it's extra encouragement to use what's on hand. (this is only the beginning of it) 

I'm not necessarily trying to top my savings from last year but it will be awfully fun to try -- If I can save at least half as much I will be very pleased. 

Hope everyone else feels motivated to join up -- it's a great way to see what little bits of coin or cash add up to in the end. 


  1. Okay Katie...I'm in on the $1.00 savings per yard used!!! GOOD IDEA!!!

    1. Oh MY! I just realized I'm backing two quilts today...using my that four yards means $4.00 to the piggy!!! I'm going to love this!

    2. Sooo month, on July 6th we count and link our savings! Why to I have the feeling you are going to hit this one our of the park. I on the other hand have not been as good as years we'll see.

  2. I just want to come shopping in your stash. I see a few things there that I could take off your hands for you. :)