Monday, November 24, 2014

A Quick update to keeping on track

I don't know what happened to last week but It's definitely the holiday season and I think maybe time flows differently around this time of year -- So here's a quick update on what I've been up too.

I got the grandma's clothes quilts all basted and even started the quilting -- until I sewed into my finger --- OOPS.

My holiday item for the guild is an assembled top -- not sure how I'm going to get this one finished by tomorrow night (note the finger). I may have to regroup and do something else for the swap. 

Something very exciting happened last weekend, I got the bible studies quilt put into a quilt top. The blocks aren't great and most of my points are gone from all the trimming that had to be done to get he blocks the right size, however I still like it very much and think that the quilting will go quickly on it (you know once i get it basted). 

I have 3 swaps that are due in January, one will probably need to be finished by Christmas because it's going international. I've pulled my fabrics and even planned what I'm going to do for The Disney swap mini. I've modified the pull a little since this picture but I can't wait to use my accuquilt and cut a big pile of hexis. 

I'm also participating in the profanity swap and have some ideas coming together -- I'm thinking about going British on this one but we'll have to see. (inspiration photo) 

My 3rd swap is round 3 of the Schnitzel and Boo swap -- on this one I am still trying to form a plan since my partner didn't give me a lot to go on. 

I can't wait for my vacation coming up starting on Thursday and going till December 7th . I'm also going to take part in Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt that launches on Friday. Lots to do and hopefully this finger heals fast. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving if I forget to post again this week. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

What's on Tap for this weekend

I'm helping a good friend of mine by house sitting for a few days which means I will be in her sewing space and not my own -- but that's good with me cause her space rocks too. I will have two large fur baby helpers in the form of her lovely Belgian Malinois that I am sure are going to make sure that the quilting is done between chest scratches. 

So what do I need to accomplish to stay on track of my goals? 

I've got the Grandma's Clothes quilts ready for assembly and then they will be basted this weekend. 
My oldest UFO -- the Bible Studies Blocks is ready for sashing and i even have the pieces cut so assembly should go quickly. 
I need to make something for the guild holiday swap -- I'm thinking table runner or wall hanging but I have lots of ideas forming from inspiration I got off Pinterest
What a beautiful design! This pin leads to a blog with a link to the free paper pieced pattern by Shape Moth. The color combinations are endless with thousands of fabrics to choose from at the fabric Shack at Repinned: 3x6bluehex via playcrafts
If I have time I will be starting my Disney Swap Mini as well as a commission baby quilt. 

Looks like a busy weekend for sure -- stay warm everybody, it's supposed to be a cold one here. 

I am so not ready for winter. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thanksgiving Custom

My holiday quilts are moving right along and now it's all about Thanksgiving.
fabric pull
I used the new book from the Missouri Star Company and went with the split nine patch pattern that included sashing. I like how quickly these blocks went together and showcased some of the larger prints and colors in the fabrics.
here's the completed top
I fought with this one to get it quilted and think that I may have gotten a batch of bag needles. 
Now it's all quilted up and ready to go.
And the scrappy back 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Sew, Vote, Swap

How fun are secret swaps? well this one was different because we didn't know where the mini was going till after they were all submitted and everyone voted on a winner. Here's my finish and my first finish of the quarter.
I used an orphan block that I set on point and then my every favorite grunge as boarders. On this one I tried quilting different motifs (in different colors) in each of the areas and I really like how the feathers came out.
There were some great entries and this is the lovely gem that came my way, now I just have to find a place to hang it. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

I knew that I could do it, I knew it, I knew it!

And indeed I did!!

OK, enough with the show tunes -- I swore last week that I would accomplish something this weekend and the results are pretty great. 2 finishes that are ready to ship, a commission quilt that is only needing binding, the pair of commission quilts that are coming along.

  • finishes -- Hogwarts swap 
  • and IG Mini Swap 
  • Thanksgiving quilt just needs binding attached 
  • Grandma's clothes (2 quilts) -- waiting to make the smaller circles or another pair of large ones depending on what the customer decides. These tops will either be two large circles each or a large and 2 small circles.

  • I worked on getting backing together for Rush hour and a charity quilt that I forgot was in my pile -- I hope to at least baste these this week 
  • I'm still waiting on more blocks for the charity challenge quilt -- hopefully I get those today. 
  • Medallion quilt still sits waiting to be quilted --- after the thanksgiving quilt I didn't have the energy to wrestle another one under the needle and my machine was acting up, bending and breaking needles. 

  • I spent some time playing in my stash and transferring the yardage onto comic boards and refolding the smaller cuts so that I will be better able to see what all I do have and enjoy it. 

Some things that I did not work on this weekend 
-- Christmas Quilt (early/mid December)
-- Disney Swap (early January) -- I did buy fabric for it though
-- Baby Quilt Commission (Mid January) 
-- Bitches stitches swap (March 2015) 
-- Scrappy Trip along Blocks
-- Bible Studies blocks 

I hope that this is a slower week and that I am able to spend a little time each night in the sewing room and will be able to keep up this momentum -- who knows you guys may get another blog posting out of me this week.