Friday, October 31, 2014

I Solomly Swear ...

... that I will complete something this weekend and have a finish to show by the beginning of next week. Here we are 1/3 done with the quarter and I feel that I haven't done anything of merit. Now that surely does not mean that the deadlines are not looming in the near future -- you know what with the 2 swaps and 4 customs that I have coming up due before Christmas and in early January there is another custom and another swap due. I love deadlines and making lists but I really need to get my tail in gear and some serious work accomplished if it's all going to get done. 

I have about 5 different projects in various states hanging on my design wall and a quilt (or 3) waiting to be quilted but when I head into the sewing room the ADD hits and it seems that nothing gets finished so I am hoping that my readers will at least try to hold me accountable and be my cheering squad for the finishes that will be presented next week. 

Here's the contenders for potential finishes (or at least progress)  

-- Hogwarts Swap 
--IG Mini Swap 
-- Thanksgiving quilt 
-- Grandma's Clothes (x2) 
-- Rush Hour 
-- Medallion Quilt 
-- Quilt con Guild Charity Quilt Challenge 
-- Christmas Quilt 
-- Baby Quilt Commission 
-- Disney Swap 
-- Scrappy Trip along 

Oh boy it looks like it's going to be a busy couple of days -- Happy Halloween and Happy Quilting everyone.


  1. All just lovely and so different. The charity quilt would be my first pick and then the next most pressing to be finished timeline item.

  2. Yes, you do have a busy weekend - enjoy!

  3. I'm sure once you get one done, the rest will fall in line quickly. They all look lovely.

  4. Nice! I love your MQG star! I think you have a kind of quilter's "cramp" not unlike writer's get. As Jen said, there is that whole thing of getting something done to start the flow of others. For me, that's tackling the most do-able, or the thing I am most enthusiastic about (the hardest or most complex don't tend to motivate, LOL!) I give you lots of props for having several things well along the way. The finish can't come without all the previous progress, right? ;) Hope you are on your way already!

  5. Yup always work on the first deadline one first and then each in its turn. It feels good to get each one crossed off the list.