Friday, June 28, 2013

a Small update and some eye candy

I have people selected for the traveling stash boxes and hope to be sending them out quickly so check back Monday for an update to the tracker. Also I am taking part in the Let's get aquainted Blog hop and this weeks partisipants are listed below. Check them out and maybe you'll find a new favorite blog to follow.

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There has been some quilting going on at my house this week. For thoes of you that frequent Bonnie Hunter's Blog and watch Quilt Cam -- I was one of the emails that she read this week and here is what I was working on.
I've got to run another trim of green around the edge and then I'm thinking of adding another boarder in perhapse a purple. I'm thinking Sumertime Limeaid as the name. I also got caught up on my Block of the ... projects and love how they turned out.  The block of the week old testiment blocks are complete, I'm planning on laying them all out this weekend for a group shot and to determine if any need to be redone -- I know at least one.
Bonus Block of the month is completed -- the next ones come out next Tuesday

I had a lucky find the other week at Miss Emmily's Antiques in Yadkinville and picked up some antique spools that I will be using for winding my binging around as I iron it. it's suce a great little store and you never know what you might find. Right now she has an assortment of antique quilts and an old Singer machine as well as some notions. If you stop in let her know I sent you.
This is the binding waiting for this little quilt -- I'm calling it Australian Christmas since I mixed in Christmas and winter fabrics with brighter ones.
This photo was taken before I did the quilting . I practiced straight line quilting and feel I am starting to get he hang of my walking foot. I'll post and update soon -- I'm hoping that the rain holds out so I can get ouside for some pictures this weekend.

Happy weekend and happy quilting everyone.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

first half nearly gone

It's officially 6 months till Christmas as of today -- where's 2013 going.

There are many goals for the 2013 year still waiting for me but I'm doing well with keeping on track. I am starting to look at fall craft events and hoping that the events are better than the others that I have done so far. I did the event in Yadkinville again this past weekend and now have a custom quilt to design and am looking forward to that because it's for two very artistic people. I got my base fabric at Sewingly Yours today and hope to start on the design phase soon. The couple is thinking of a large star pattern and I'm thinking of using the one designed by the fabulous May Chappell., or if they want something more streamline perhaps the Mad Plaid from Liberty Love  or a blooming nine patch. They have a beautiful New York Beauty style hanging behind the bed and this needs to compliment it. I am awaiting feedback on some of the pictures I sent in for consideration and can't wait to get started.

NO huge progress on the other UFO projects waiting in my room other than surprise one that I will post about later.  I've almost finished my Coin quilt and want to finally finish quilting a few other projects this weekend.

Happy Quilting

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Like flat soda in the sun

That about sums it up for how I feel right now -- flat soda that has been left in the sun. June started out great and lots of progress and then __________.

I did get this quilt top completed over a week ago but it's been hanging on the wall ever since.
I had a strange injury occur that meant I wasn't able to easily use my arms and I really couldn't stand to lift them except for required things. It all happened last Friday the 14th when I woke up with large amounts of bruising stretching from my ribcage across my armpits and down my arms to nearly my elbow -- well I was initially in denial but did end up a the urgent care on Sunday after sleeping most of Saturday away. The doctor told me he thought it was simple bruising caused by an artery clog from the underwire rubbing my side --- crazy right so I had to go to light duty all week and only do the necessities. I did play in my fabric and even bought a little last week but no real progress to show. (LOVE this new Willow by Riley Blake -- Thanks PAPANANA)
These last few weeks at work are also chaotic as we are preparing to move to a new location and I am starting to spend more days working in the office I am going to become full time at in a short week. The commute is longer but the people are great and I am kind of looking forward to being in a setting where I have multiple people working around me instead of just one other person -- I'm going to be working in Mayberry.
There is a quilt shop a few blocks away and they have some good stuff in there, I haven't been impressed with customer services yet but I am willing to give them another try and I will do a full write up about them then.

I was finally able to squeeze in some quilting on Friday during my breaks and got caught up on my block of the week blocks for the bible studies quilt, 2 more blocks and we will be done with the Old Testament. I'm starting to think more about starting to  assemble them but haven't quite figured out how to lay them out just yet.
 I did set up at the 3rd Friday even in Yadkinville again this month and the turnout was slow but it it's always good to talk to new people about my items. I have a custom order request that I am working on sketching up right now, it's kind of out of my color scope but I know not everyone loves brights as much as I do.
This weekend so far has been babysitting these lovely kittens and a visit from the in-laws. My kitten Nugget was so happy having his siblings around this weekend to run and play with.  
I'm going to a sit and sew with the guild later on today and hopefully this weekend will once again be one of progress and creativity.

I'm going to be reworking and relisting the traveling stash boxes that arrived at my house in the last few weeks so check back soon.

Happy Quilting

Friday, June 14, 2013

What shall we call her?

So recently I posted a picture of a quilt I was having trouble coming up with a name for and I got many good ideas both through the blog and through the quilter's group on Facebook. So here are the options I have narrowed it down to.
Mango Tango Dreams
Fruit Salad Confetti
Calypso Carnival
La Nouba Experiance

4 options which one striks you as the best name for this quilt -- binding will be the same blue as the background

Partisipants in the Let's Get aquainted Blog Hop this week are :

Sunday, June 9, 2013

She walks like summer and talks like rain

June continues to be a month of progress for me. I set 11 goals recently and this weekend I was able to finish 4 nearly 5 of them and work on a more long term goal all thanks to a rainy weekend.
Elephant Parade Quilt finished -- I'm going to hopefully do outside pictures tomorrow
Custom Mug rug order completed
 Block of the month block completed -- need to do the bonus block to be all caught up on this one
Caught up on Block of the Week Blocks -- new block (or blocks Mondays)
Father's Day gift for my Father in Law is completed -- another item for the outdoor photo shoot tomorrow.
I also got the hourglass quilt based and ready for quilting and hope to be able to share a completed picture later this week. I still haven't chosen a name yet but some of the top contenders are Calypso, carnival, confetti, Kaleidoscope, Summer Days, Tutti Fruity, Rainbow Sherbet, Melon Delight and Kelly's (or any combination of these). So let me know what you think.

I got in some organizing done in the Craft Room and finally got all my fabrics refolded and the scrap bin put away. I had put off doing the messiest drawer till last. Now I need to organize the fabrics but I am debating on separating by project or separating by color. Thoughts? 
I decided that I am going to put off large craft shows for the summer season and work on more product instead. I am hoping that the fall season will be better for selling quilts -- because really who wants to buy a quilt when it's 80 or 90 degrees outside.

That leaves finishing the quilting on the City Scape, quilt the T-shirt quilt, Work on the baby clothes project, Craftsy Blocks and the Baby Block.

Here's to a progress filled month and Happy Quilting Everyone.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Fun new project and Fun new People

I my post earlier this week I teased that I was working on a new charity quilt and here she is .... but she has no name yet. Sad I know because how can such a pretty girl not have a name -- I'm taking suggestions. 

Also I attended a work training this week and we so proud of myself for not loosing my temper with the older less computer savvy individuals that were delaying our progress so when we got out a little early yesterday I treated myself to a trip by The Little General. 

Isn't it cute how they wrap up your purchase-- and a bonus string for quilting. 

Look at my beautiful goodies -- the large floral and the stripe might become a pouch in the near future. 

Candy Crush is all finished and I found a new place to take pictures of quilts and projects.

So here's some other exciting news -- I'll be partisipating in this fun blog hop designed for newer bloggers that starts tomorrow. Check out some of these fun bloggers.  

Plum and June

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Monday, June 3, 2013

She listens like spring and she talks like June, hey hey hey

June will be a moth of progress and completed projects – I can feel it. This weekend I worked on a few different projects and feel good about the progress that was made. I’m working on a new guild charity quilt that I hope to finish up before the guild meeting. I was inspired by the report that the quilts are well received especially the brighter ones so I am working on hour glass blocks in bold and bright colors to make into a lap quilt or maybe 2 depending on how many blocks I end up with.
I also quilted my Elephant parade Quilt this weekend and will be putting the binding on this week. It has been in my UFO pile for a while now and I am pleased with how it’s shaping up.
I also started on a few mug rugs for a custom order this weekend. She’s a local fabric artist in Yadkinville and loved what I started for her so I got a few weeks to get those together before the next Yadkinville event on the 21st

 I am still working on finding a few more events to attend in the upcoming months and need to now narrow down the events list that I have compiled --- I’m kind a worried that quilts won’t sell that well when it’s 90 degrees outside and some of these events can be pricy to attend.

So with the proclamation of June being a month of progress – what are the goals?
  •          Complete elephant parade quilt (just binding)
  •          Complete city view quilt (half quilting and then finish work)
  •          Complete t-shirt quilt (quilt and bind)
  •          Complete baby clothes project sampler (I get such a interest in quilts made from baby clothes at events I have decided to make up a sample)
  •          Continue keeping pace with the block of the month and block of the week projects – new blocks tomorrow with the BOM and another with the BOW tonight (this will put me 3 behind but I like doing a few at a time)
  •          Complete custom Mug Rug order (by 6/21)
  •          Father’s day project for FIL (oh my that's the 16th) 
  •          Hourglass charity quilt (or 2) -- next meeting is 6/25
  •          Craftsy BOM project
  •          Baby block 
  •         Determine schedule for upcoming shows -- ASAP
Lofty goals I know – but I like a challenge.

Happy Quilting Everyone