Sunday, June 23, 2013

Like flat soda in the sun

That about sums it up for how I feel right now -- flat soda that has been left in the sun. June started out great and lots of progress and then __________.

I did get this quilt top completed over a week ago but it's been hanging on the wall ever since.
I had a strange injury occur that meant I wasn't able to easily use my arms and I really couldn't stand to lift them except for required things. It all happened last Friday the 14th when I woke up with large amounts of bruising stretching from my ribcage across my armpits and down my arms to nearly my elbow -- well I was initially in denial but did end up a the urgent care on Sunday after sleeping most of Saturday away. The doctor told me he thought it was simple bruising caused by an artery clog from the underwire rubbing my side --- crazy right so I had to go to light duty all week and only do the necessities. I did play in my fabric and even bought a little last week but no real progress to show. (LOVE this new Willow by Riley Blake -- Thanks PAPANANA)
These last few weeks at work are also chaotic as we are preparing to move to a new location and I am starting to spend more days working in the office I am going to become full time at in a short week. The commute is longer but the people are great and I am kind of looking forward to being in a setting where I have multiple people working around me instead of just one other person -- I'm going to be working in Mayberry.
There is a quilt shop a few blocks away and they have some good stuff in there, I haven't been impressed with customer services yet but I am willing to give them another try and I will do a full write up about them then.

I was finally able to squeeze in some quilting on Friday during my breaks and got caught up on my block of the week blocks for the bible studies quilt, 2 more blocks and we will be done with the Old Testament. I'm starting to think more about starting to  assemble them but haven't quite figured out how to lay them out just yet.
 I did set up at the 3rd Friday even in Yadkinville again this month and the turnout was slow but it it's always good to talk to new people about my items. I have a custom order request that I am working on sketching up right now, it's kind of out of my color scope but I know not everyone loves brights as much as I do.
This weekend so far has been babysitting these lovely kittens and a visit from the in-laws. My kitten Nugget was so happy having his siblings around this weekend to run and play with.  
I'm going to a sit and sew with the guild later on today and hopefully this weekend will once again be one of progress and creativity.

I'm going to be reworking and relisting the traveling stash boxes that arrived at my house in the last few weeks so check back soon.

Happy Quilting

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