Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Alison Glass Trunk Show

Teri and I went to see Alison Glass do a trunk show last week in Blacksburg, VA at a great shop called New River Fiber Company. They have some great fabrics -- Alison glass, Cotton & Steel, Denyse Schmidt, Art Gallery.

That's how you know you have either a crazy or dedicated friend call her up a few days ahead of time and say --hey want to travel an hour and a half away to go to a trunk show and then drive back across the mountains in the dark, and they agree to it. 

We got to see and pet lots of great quilts and learn some about the process of how Alison came into designing fabrics and some awesome patterns. I took lots of photos so enjoy and let me just say there is lots of AMAZINGNESS that is coming up in the near future that I'm not able to share. 
Mr Pink got in on the action and even took a photo with Alison. 
He also loved up on some Fabulous quilting by Angela Walters.
and I may have added a pattern and some more fabrics to my continually growing fabric hoard, including Tessellation and some Cotton and Steel.  

Gypsy Wife

I am happy to announce that after a short 8 months that the Gypsy Wife Quilt is completed -- I showed you all a few pictures of the top and the process a while back and it's been kind of sitting while I thought about how I wanted it quilted. After much thought I decided to be true to myself and go with my usual chrysanthemums -- there is just something about them that I love and the quilting always pops when it's washed. I went with cream polyx embroidery thread for my quilting because i like the shiny but didn't want the thread to be a distraction from all the other colors in this quilt. I'm truly pleased with the outcome.
I'm thinking about starting another one some time soon in some bolder colors. 

Linking UP 
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This is another project to cross off the 3rd qtr FAL

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mason's Quilt is DONE

I have been working on this one for a while -- it's a t shirt quilt that my dental hygienist wanted made of her son's first year items. She had fabric left from having his baby bedding made and asked that I use this if I could, so without further adieu ---- Mason's T-shirt Quilt

This is another project to cross off the 3rd qtr FAL

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Charity Twin Quilts

The guild hosted a yard sale a few months back and I got a few inherited UFO projects donated to me, so I thought what better to do with them than make charity quilt tops. These two quilts used "scraps" that I have come to learn were extra cut off pieces from a quilt that one of the guild members made. All I needed to do was sew the strips together and put on a boarder and they were ready for quilting. I'm happier with the green boarder one overall but I know that both of them will bring joy to our charity recipients

This is another project to cross off the 3rd qtr FAL


Another of the inherited UFO projects I got from the guild was spiderweb blocks. I had never made spiderweb blocks before and had to make one more to put this wall hanging together. 
this goat was very curious as to what I was doing 
I have to say that I really enjoyed the process and look forward to making another spiderweb quilt in the future.  

This is another project to cross off the 3rd qtr FAL

Monday, August 18, 2014

Mid August, and I finally accomplished something

I have a large pile of finishes that I would love to share with you all but sadly it's raining and it looks like most of the week may be a wash out so all you get for now is a picture of the pile awaiting a better photo opp. 
This weekend of sewing was great -- I moved nearly all my partly done projects into the completed pile. While I didn't get everything on my list accomplished I did manage to mark 6 things off. 

  • Bound Mason's t-shirt quilt
  • bound both of the charity twin scrap quilts 
  • bound my spiderweb quilt 
  • quilted and bound my secret sister swap project 
  • quilted my gypsy wife (not bound -- need fabric) 
  • made mom an apron 
Hubby just told me that he's got re-qualification training next Saturday so that means another day of sewing for this gal -- which is great considering that my to do pile is still plenty long. These top 4 are due by the end of next moth.
  • Kitty mini swap
  • Guild throw pillow swap 
  • Rush Hour Blog Hop items
  • Halloween custom
  • Thanksgiving Quilt 
  • Christmas Quilt 
  • Grandma's clothes quilts 
  • Medallion Quilt 
Hopefully I will be able to show completed projects later this week.

Happy quilting everyone. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

July quickly became August and that's quickly slipping away

For some reason July didn't seem very productive to me and that's probably because I didn't actually finish any projects -- I worked on stuff, though most of it I wasn't able to share just yet. Secret sewing and swap sewing has perks but not the instant gratification of being able to share it right away. Many of my goals are carry overs but there are a few new things added since I have signed up for a few more swap and blog hop opportunities. So here goes another list as August is quickly slipping past me. 

To bind --- 
  • twin charity quilts 
  • Mason's quilt (due 9/16) 
To Quilt and then bind -- 
  • Sister thing swap item (due 9/1) 
  • Gypsy Wife 
To Baste, Quilt and then Bind --
  • Medallion Quilt 
To Make -- 
  • Mom's Apron (due 8/29)
  • Guild Pillow Swap (due 9/23) 
  • Rush Hour blog Hop item (due 9/30)
  • Kitty Mini Quilt Swap item (due 10/1)
  • Commissioned Halloween Quilt (due 10/1) 
  • Commissioned Thanksgiving Quilt (due 11/1) 
  • Commissioned Christmas Quilt (due 12/1) 
  • Commissioned Grandma's Clothes Quilts x2 (due 12/1) 
Asheville was fun this weekend but that didn't lend itself to getting much accomplished off this list -- perhaps next weekend (and the one after) I will just have to lock myself in my sewing room and only come out for necessities. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pattern testing -- the big reveal

I have been busy secret sewing recently as I have been pattern testing the Fabulous Milky Way Medallion for Lovelea designs.
Well this was my first pattern test that I have done and I can't keep it under wraps any longer-- you all know I am terrible at keeping stuff on the DL, esp when it comes to fabric and my projects in progress. 
I have been reading her blog for a while and just gushed about this quilt to my hubby, telling him I so hoped that she would publish it or share it with us His man logic -- "just ask her for it" (SMH) 

Luckily for me she posted that she was in the process of getting a pattern together and she wanted testers, I was super excited and so hoping that she would pick me and once she did her came the anxiety of doing right by the pattern. As I said I hadn't tested patterns before and didn't know quite what to expect as everyone know not all pattern directions are created equal. This was long pattern so, I gave it a read over (twice) and made several notes on it -- some for me, some for her -- but it's very well written, great tips and plenty of diagrams, which made it easy to follow. 

I have been a busy little bee working on this gem. In a way it was like my gypsy wife quilt (still waiting to be quilted) in that I became very single minded in the sewing room and most everything else was just going to have to wait as I watched it grow and loved it more with each boarder that I added and now I can share it with all of you. 
a big thanks to Elise for allowing me to be a tester, once I get it quilted I already have a place that it will be hanging in my home where I will be able to enjoy it everyday. 
I hope to be able to get it basted and quilted soon, and i even have the backing all ready. 
Once she's all quilted I can get some better pictures, and a day without all this overcast would be nice as well. I got some great variegated king tut thread that I am eager to try out. 

She is hosting a giveaway over at her blog till Friday 8/8 -- so head on over. 

Happy Quilting Everyone! 

Early Anniversary Gifts

Dinky tin of bespoke chocolates
Hubs and I will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary on 8/8. I read online that candy and iron are traditional gifts for this anniversary -- candy is to represent the sweetness of the relationship and iron is to represent strength of the couple. We usually try to have fun with our gifts while sticking with tradition. 

Hubs got a new set of muffler tips for the other woman in his life (they look nice installed but initially I didn't get it either).

and of course he will be getting some sweets and other goodies on our actual anniversary. 

He knows he's a lucky man -- so in return he spoiled me. 
I picked it out on eBay and was able to arrange for a local pickup so I've actually had it a few days now because we drove to pick it up last weekend -- and if you follow me on instagram you have already seen it (I'm awful with secrets after all).  According to the serial number the machine is from January 22, 1948 -- that means that it's approximately 66 years old. 

This was the picture of the item from the listing
and Now. 
I fell I got very luck with this find -- other than the dusty film, needing a new light bulb and some small tweaking of the tension, he was ready to go straight away. I did add a little oil to be sure that all the parts remain lubricated.

I know it is typical to name featherweights -- they are babies after all, and this little guy doesn't have an official name yet but in this house he is known as the little prince. I figured this was fitting considering I call my Ruby, her majesty (esp when she is acting finicky).  I am going to message the seller and see if they know any of the background on this machine. 

We're planning a small trip this weekend to Asheville and the local modern quilt guild has a gallery show currently so I am excited about seeing that as well as visiting a local candy factory. I'll be sure to post more next week -- cause I am sure there will be some fabric purchasing happening at Asheville Cotton Company and maybe in Black Mountain at Carolina Foam and Fabric. 
Looks like I'm not the only one in love with the new addition.