Sunday, July 13, 2014

Third Qtr finish along

Finish Along 2014
The Littlest Thistle is doing a finish along for each quarter this year and I am finally in time to catch the link up for this time -

The things that I would like to get completed that I already have in the works are ....

  • Medallion quilt that I am pattern testing -- I worked on this one last weekend and I am about a quarter done with the top at this time (this is Lovelea Design's original)
  • I want to get my Gypsy Wife quilted 
  • finish up a pair of charity quilts that I got parts for at the guild yard sale
  • I want to get my spider webs quilt quilted and hung up in my office 
  • I'm participating in the Sister Thing Swap again this year so this is a must. due 9/1
  • Mason's quilt -- commission project due 9/16
  • Halloween Quilt -- Commission project due 10/7
  • Mom's Apron project due 9/7
  • Guild pillow swap project due 9/26
  • Kitty Mini Swap Items due 10/2
  • Happy Unicorn Swap Item due 10/30
  • Rush Hour Blog Hop due 9/30
  • bible studies quilt 
I would also like to start and maybe complete something from this list
  • Taffy quilt in Parisville
  • Swoon Quilt with Rock N Romance 
  • Large Star Quilt
  • project with my Cat Nap fabric 
  • adding on the city sampler -- you know cause I'm a wild woman 


  1. Are you going to make another star quilt other than the big swoon block quilt you made? I would have a hard time not letting the cat nap project line jump in front of the others, LOL!

  2. Wow you are ambitious! I love the line rockin' romance! Hopefully it makes the start list :)