Thursday, July 3, 2014

The not so squishy happy mail

As history has shown, I love using my go baby cutter. I really like the results of the projects that I have made so far. I love the ease of making these shapes and the accuracy of the cuts. 

I initially bought the go baby to be able to more quickly process my scarps into usable squares and this little machine has surely surpassed my expectations. For the cost it's a great deal and I recommend it to everyone that asks me during various trips to Joann's, when they see me on the accucut isle or at checkout. 

The one drawback of the go baby --- the compact size, It's limiting. I love the new dies that have been coming out and there are many of the existing dies that I have not been able to get yet due to the size.  I still value and highly recommend this tool, but I wanted more versatility in the dies that I could use and after much deliberating I decided it was worth it for me to go through with the upgrade to a full size GO cutter. (stock photo)

I looked around waiting for them to go on sale at Joann's (since you can't use a coupon) and watched a few on eBay, just waiting for the right deal. I finally found one at a price I wanted to pay and it came with extras that I knew I would use -- the stock square triangle die and a 24 inch long 2.5 inch strip die, cutting mat for the 24 inch dies and a 10 x 10 mat for the larger square dies as well. Two short days later it arrived, and I am over joyed. 

Now I have to rearrange a little and find a home for it -- but there are worse problems to have, am I right. 

Happy Quilting everyone -- if your in the US (like me), I hope your holiday weekend is sew wonderful. I know I've got my share of projects planned. 


  1. I have the Go Baby and I am enjoying it for cutting my 1" and 1/2" hexes.

  2. If it helps you use up the scrap then it is a good thing.