Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Story of a traveling quilt

Scrolling through Instagram recently I stumbled upon a new project that is being put together by Marthe @thesistyuglers for a traveling quilt. My first thought was this was a medallion project but after I read more into it I realized that it's not but it does have some of have some of the same components and I was intrigued. 

After sign up the first task was to set up 2 mosaics -- one for color inspiration 
and the other for style / theme
I also decided since I struggle with making good mosaics that I would also do a pinterest board. Which turned into 2 boards -- one for elements and style and the other for potential fabrics/colors. 

The starting point of the quilt was going to help set the direction of the quilt -- no pressure there. I picked a fun multi star block from Threadbare Creations called the star cluster mini quilt. 
Isn't the scrappiness fun and bright.

We also needed to include a journal with the quilt with our thoughts and vision for the  project as well as some of the design elements that we would like to see and we could include scraps or fabrics to help the other ladies see our evolving vision. Well when pulling out scraps and fabrics -- Nugget interjected himself into the process. 
I made up a label block for all the ladies to write messages on as it travels around the country. I think this is going to be a fun 9 month adventure and I am looking forward to seeing these lovelies evolve along the way.