Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Lucky 21 -- Lucky Lady

My niece Ireland graduated high school in just 3 years while doing all kinds of awesome extravehicular activities along the way and now she's off to college -- so you all know what that means -- it's time she gets a quilt. 

To be honest this did not start out with the intention of being her quilt -- it was a fun fabric that I loved and wanted to make as the color pallet for an unknown project. I love it when that happens -- but more when the actual project comes together and in the end everything seems just right. It all started with this very pretty art gallery fabric 
and pulled most of the coordinating fabrics from my stash.

I came across the pattern in a stash box and knew this would be a fun and simple project to put together. I actually started on this quilt back at the 2016 stash bash and it sat for a while as components waiting to be randomly put together -- there really is limited planning on this pattern. I got the blocks assembled at Stash Bash earlier this year and really loved all the bright pastels I was finally getting to use. 
I made the backing shortly after I got home and it was in the pile waiting for quilting. It was really supposed to be waiting for me to longarm it but when I decided to send 2 others out I threw this one in as well. Charlene @thecottonfarmfabrics did a simple panto on this one and it looks great. 

I used more of the backing for the binding. 

and once it was complete I knew this quilt should go to Ireland. Now the quilt lives with her at college and I hope she knows how much I love her and how proud I am of the awesome young lady that she has become. 

Was a finish in the 3rd quarter. 

3rd Quarter Accomplishments

At the beginning of this quarter I linked up with 25 ambitious goals for the quarterly finish a long. I completed 4 and made some progress on 7 others. 


Patchwork Swoon -- Complete 
Guild mini quilt swap with Houston guild -- Complete 
Lucky 21 -- Complete
3-6 more scrap bins --  blue complete

Plus Side quilt for Granny -- assembled, needs quilting, her birthday is next month so I really need to get this one finished. 
Tessellations Quilt -- needs binding finished
Spiderwebs quilt -- needs binding
Pattern testing for Karie Jewell -- one top complete and one half complete
Botanics Pendant Quilt -- needs quilting
Migration Quilt -- top completed
Double Star Quilt -- Waiting on the blocks to come in I am the Queen Bee in September -- I made 4 blocks so far and have received a few more 

There were plenty of other things that didn't get touched this quarter but here's hoping that next quarter will be more productive.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

When your Friends design patterns.....

Many of my friends know that I sew almost daily and because of my husband's work schedule I sew most evenings. I'm not a 30 minute per day sewer, it's more like 3-4 hours per day and 6 on Fridays when I don't have other things going on. 

This leaves plenty of time to try new things and sometimes those things include pattern testing. When my friend Karie asked if I'd be willing to test out some of her new patters I was beyond happy to give them a go. She sent me 6 that would be coming out soon and I was able to squeeze in time to test out 2 of them. 

The first one went quickly and is a great one to really showcase the fabrics in a layer cake, here's my smaller version of  Kwik Evening Star. 

The second one was a bit more labor intensive and I really only finished the first half before she shared the pattern -- I did a reverse coloration of Kwik Misaic Tiles. I hope to be able to get some more cream scraps so that I will be able to finish up the other half of these blocks because it's looking great so far.

Big thanks to Karie for asking me to be a part of this awesome set of patterns to test. I have another that I am hoping to put together soon and look forward to sharing it as well. 

August -- was kind of a blur

August started out with the 9th anniversary to my husband. We usually take some time off to celebrate and this year we just decided to do some local things and a day trip to Asheville. I also made a trip to Pineapple fabrics -- they are only open to the public a few times a year and this was a great trip for me to get backings and a fill in things. 

Sewing this month consisted of bee blocks 

A traveling quilt for the awesome @Seydonamade -- I added the heart and geese section at the bottom

Getting 3 of my quilts back from Charlene @thecottonfarmfabrics , means that soon I will have some finishes to share. 

a Pattern test of Boba Fett for @radioactive_Squirrel

and a wonderful girls weekend that consisted of much sewing, laughter and good food.