Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year -- New at this

I don't make new years resolutions like other people, I make them on my birthday every year instead and this year I have decided to branch out more in my quilting business and get in touch with other quilters and crative people and take a more active role in the arts communities in my area. I also want to take up exercise and eating better but that is another story for another time. If you made it that far perhapse you will read on a little more and start this journey with me. Well ..... where to start.

Why did I create this blog? --- to have a place to post interesting projects that I am working on that will allow for the most exposure to other crafters and an audiance that is more specific than facebook. I am interested in meeting new people that share my love of quilting and are interested in having real dialogue about things in life.

Why Now? --- I turned 30 recently and that's as good of excuse as any I supose. I am starting to branch out more in my quilting and craft goods and want to do more with them than I have before.

What's my brand? --- I'm not a huge fan of the thought that i need a brand but here goes. I am a crafter or creative for lack of a better catagory. I obviously quilt and love most all of the steps in the process. I also crochet many things including small animals, flowers and some wearable goods. I paint granite and marble works, scrapbook, make cards and enjoy photography. I am also a great cook and baker. Married with several 4 legged children.

Why read this? --- There are sure to be funny stories and adventures in quilting as I go on this journey and I will be sure to include pretty pictures to keep your attention.