Monday, May 26, 2014


This quilt is seriously like an addiction for me -- once I started working on the blocks I was hooked on completing them quickly, well the assembly part was no different. I started on the left side of the quilt with sections 8 - 10 rather than with section 1 (which to me is more like starting in the middle of the quilt.)
Then I kept going 
and going 
This whole process was just to much for my assistant but he gets high marks on being adorable. 
Section 6 is a bit more complicated so I did it in sections. That way it would line up better and go together easier when I attached it to the other sections. Mine is a bit modified from the initial pattern but still has all the major components and I think it fits the flow better. 
I outgrew my smaller design wall so I put the large one back up and it really started looking like a quilt at that point. I knew that my obsession was in full gear now and this quilt was going the be a favorite for sure. 
I got so wrapped up in putting it together that I forgot to take a picture as I was putting the last section together --- hey it happens. I finally took another pick when there was just the one seam left to complete the top. 
 I took outside picks of the completed top, right now it's 60 by 68, with boarder it would be around 66 by 74. Either way a good snuggle size or good for hanging on the wall in my stairwell. 
One of the first things my hubs asked when it was finished was how was I going to quilt it. (You know he may be a keeper yet) Honestly I don't know but I am looking for suggestions. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend with lots of quilting and family time. 

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Thursday, May 22, 2014


My dental hyginist asked me if I ever made tshirt quilts -- I told her yes and my specialty is baby onesies She was so excited that at my next apt she brought me a diaper box of her son's first year clothing.
So I started processing them -- probably the most stressful part of the process, no mater if it's sports shirts, concert tees or baby clothes -- because there is no turning back at that point. It's probably why i try to do all the excess cutting away first.
she did bring me extra fabric that she had from his baby bedding -- super excited to use the blue chevron for backing. 
This weekend I got all the items stabilized and squared -- I use feather weight pellon and have had always had great results. 

So, Now I need to work on a layout -- This is going to be such a cute project when it's finished, she wants a throw size quilt so it should go together pretty quickly. 

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Rebecca's project

Rebecca @ one wee bird sent me a wonderful package (that you can read about here) in a time of great heartache and I felt compelled to do a little something for her in return.

I did my research and discovered that Rebecca's likes

  • brights -- turquoise, mango, Daffodil & lime
  • dots and stripes
  • bold and eye catching designs
  • Favorite fabrics -- Kaffe Paperweight, Heath in Black, Michael Miller dumb dot, Allison Glass Sunprint. 
  • Favorite Designers -- Sarah Fielke and Jen Kingwell 
  • Dislikes -- brown and most other colors of green
Inspiration photos
Glam Clam frontSarcastic Quilter: Small Swoonsalty oat: modern quilts: do. Good Stitches: Arkansas Traveler Quiltmodern quilt top anna maria horner and lazy sunday

After telling some of my quilty friends about the minis and the story behind them, they felt compelled to do something for her as well. My friend Teri and Rebecca have such similar taste in things that she brought me a stack of fabrics to make this project. 

I've narrowed the project down to the clam shells because it captured the fabrics the best and I had been anticipating using my clam shell die for some time. 

Planning Phase
Assembly Complete 
Quilted up 
Ready to go 

I am hoping that she will like this one as much as I love the minis that she sent my way. 
another beauty shot -- I wish that the sun had been out more to really capture the colors. 
I do love this function of my iPhone -- seeing the project in many different ways. 
the back reads -- from one fabric floozy to another .. much love. 

So I finally got word back that it arrived safely to the other side of the world and she loves it -- I love surprising someone so deserving. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dutchess and Plenty to do

My hubby got a new car last week and not just any car -- his dream car the Scion FRS....Introducing Duchess 
Scion FR-S in Central Florida
Which means that he wanted a new pouch to match his car for all his miscellany cords and sunglasses. When I started working on the pouch i discovered that I was missing the dongle that should have came with my machine (being that I bought it used). I got all that straightened out and started playing around with the 5D software. I am really impressed at all it is capable of doing, I was able to use a true type font i got online and match it up to the font used on the car's badge and make a perfect little pouch.

I haven't gotten a lot else accomplished last week but I do hope to be back in the sewing room soon as I have many projects calling for my attention. 
  • 2 quilts are basted and ready for quilting
  •  Michael Miller Challange -- July deadline
  • Make Pink Blocks Drive is being hosted by Anna @ life sew crafty for my link up in July.
  • Mom's apron -- deadline September 6
  • Mason's onsie quilt -- due September
  • start working on the 3 holiday quilts that a lady ordered last week -- Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas -- 1st one due September
  • Winds of OZ block -- Accuquilt contest is still going on through the end of the month
Happy Quilting Everyone!! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rainy Week

After many days of rain I wanted to bring better pictures of my first two finishes for May to you guys. 

Up first is Scout -- this is a great pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew and was taught by my great friend Teri. I decided to quilt it with Chrysanthemums and I love the result that this has on most projects that I have put it on.  
It's not quite big enough for the bed but this one is for me -- so for now it'll do for my sleeping quilt. 

Secondly we have Sound Garden -- inspiration came from a chinese coin pattern called bars of gold in one of the books that I have had for some time --  jelly roll quilts. I pulled all the bar fabrics from my scraps and love how it turned out with the wave /spiral quilting. 

I also tried my hand at making pouches again and I am tweaking my process but really liking the outcome. I got a few zippers the other night and put together these few for the craft event I did over the weekend. 

I also increased the size of the Hippo family this weekend with some finishes -- this is all the ones that I have completed right now with a few more in the works. 

On a different note I am done with outdoor events for the time being and will be focusing my energy on indoor events and updating my Etsy site. I am not an outdoorsy person and with the awful winds yesterday I nearly lost a rack of quilts and my canopy is going to need some repair or replacement after. 

Accuquilt contest is in full swing and I am pretty sure I am out of the running as a winner but I am in the top 30 still and I do greatly appreciate the support and continued voting from this very great community. You can check out my entry here

Much Love and Happy Quilting.

Friday, May 2, 2014

April -- Gypsy Wife Link UP

Linking up my blocks for the Gypsy Wife Quilt this month. The Courthouse blocks were fun ones to help showcase some of those horded fabrics. I am only half loving the heart block -- I think I should have gone with a different fabric combo on this one. I'd really like to get the design wall cleared off this weekend so that I can start assembly soon. 

How's everyone else doing on the Gypsy Wife Quilt Along? I know there are some real beauties coming along. 

And Dixie Makes 4

Earlier this week I was helping a coworker on Craigslist. She wanted a sewing machine -- something cheap that her daughter could sew a little on, to see if she liked sewing. I talked to her about the importance of getting something that was quality because a poor machine could serve to discourage the child from sewing. 

Then, I came across something that I felt was a treasure and she wasn't interested in this "old dirty machine" -- took a lot for me not to hit her. It was listed as a featherweight for $50 and there were several pictures but none of the front left corner of the machine. So I called and talked to the guy for a little bit -- he said it came from a family friend and he had it serviced about 3 years ago (from a place that I know) but it had sat in the box ever since because he had bought another Singer from Walmart. Y'all I nearly passed out -- why would you have a great metal machine that you paid to have serviced and opt to use this plastic one. 
So I went over that night and took a look at it with my hubby -- the machine needed to be dusted where it had sat but it did indeed work and looked pretty good for it's age. The plate that indicates model number was a bit funky with grime so I didn't get a good look at it. I figured out that it probably was not a featherweight because of some key features but I loved it's classic look and decided to take it home -- better I take it and give it a good home than him to trash it. (I know that may sound dramatic -- but I did see part of a sewing table in his trash pile, recently broken). 
Everyone was happy, the guy had a little cash, and I had a new machine to if nothing else pretty up and use as display. I took it home and cleaned it up a bit -- turn out it's a 1956  99- model and not a 221 featherweight but at least she's not in the landfill and she does run, and with some minor tweeking it also sews beautifully. 
The 2nd row from the top is the last row I played with -- not bad. 

Being that most sewing machines have names I got to thinking and WARNING!! here comes the weird train of thought of how I came to the name Dixie. I bought her from a guy named Darrell, my uncle Darrell was born in 1956, my favorite Walking Dead character is Darrell Dixon, I could do with Dixon  but that's not very girly so -- Dixie it is. 

So now I am the owner of 4 sewing machines -- man it's a good thing I have a tolerant husband. If I could teach the cats to sew I would be in real business. 

On a different note -- don't forget to vote daily in the Accuquilt Block contest -- my entry is Winds of Oz. I am thinking that I will be giving this machine a work out this weekend making a sample. 

Happy Quilting Everyone!! 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Let the voting Commence

As I told you guys about earlier this week I entered the Accuquilt block contest with my design I named the "Winds of OZ" 
Winning this would be awesome -- for me, my charity of choice (Susan G Komen foundation) and my quilt guild so please take a moment and show some support by voting

You can vote daily and every vote counts. Thanks Everybody!! 

Quilty people are the best -- but you knew that already.

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