Thursday, May 22, 2014


My dental hyginist asked me if I ever made tshirt quilts -- I told her yes and my specialty is baby onesies She was so excited that at my next apt she brought me a diaper box of her son's first year clothing.
So I started processing them -- probably the most stressful part of the process, no mater if it's sports shirts, concert tees or baby clothes -- because there is no turning back at that point. It's probably why i try to do all the excess cutting away first.
she did bring me extra fabric that she had from his baby bedding -- super excited to use the blue chevron for backing. 
This weekend I got all the items stabilized and squared -- I use feather weight pellon and have had always had great results. 

So, Now I need to work on a layout -- This is going to be such a cute project when it's finished, she wants a throw size quilt so it should go together pretty quickly. 

Happy Quilting Everyone -- I'm going to be linking up at
 Fort Worth Fabric Studio

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