Monday, May 19, 2014

Rebecca's project

Rebecca @ one wee bird sent me a wonderful package (that you can read about here) in a time of great heartache and I felt compelled to do a little something for her in return.

I did my research and discovered that Rebecca's likes

  • brights -- turquoise, mango, Daffodil & lime
  • dots and stripes
  • bold and eye catching designs
  • Favorite fabrics -- Kaffe Paperweight, Heath in Black, Michael Miller dumb dot, Allison Glass Sunprint. 
  • Favorite Designers -- Sarah Fielke and Jen Kingwell 
  • Dislikes -- brown and most other colors of green
Inspiration photos
Glam Clam frontSarcastic Quilter: Small Swoonsalty oat: modern quilts: do. Good Stitches: Arkansas Traveler Quiltmodern quilt top anna maria horner and lazy sunday

After telling some of my quilty friends about the minis and the story behind them, they felt compelled to do something for her as well. My friend Teri and Rebecca have such similar taste in things that she brought me a stack of fabrics to make this project. 

I've narrowed the project down to the clam shells because it captured the fabrics the best and I had been anticipating using my clam shell die for some time. 

Planning Phase
Assembly Complete 
Quilted up 
Ready to go 

I am hoping that she will like this one as much as I love the minis that she sent my way. 
another beauty shot -- I wish that the sun had been out more to really capture the colors. 
I do love this function of my iPhone -- seeing the project in many different ways. 
the back reads -- from one fabric floozy to another .. much love. 

So I finally got word back that it arrived safely to the other side of the world and she loves it -- I love surprising someone so deserving. 


  1. You know I love me some clams! This is perfect. You are such a sweet friend.

  2. Sucha lovely thing to do! Love the quilt! And I am so very proud of your FMQ!

  3. You know how much I loved that one... I am so glad it went to someone so deserving of the love wrapped in fabric :)

  4. YAY!!! You know how I feel about all this stuffs! Always scary to send so far... glad you got it and she loves it. <3

  5. Oh yes I do love it!!!!
    It is absolutely amazing and I'm still talking about it with people!!!!
    In fact it's still being moved around my house with me as I show people and bang on about how lovely quilty people are especially " Fabric Floozies" such as yourself xxxxxx