Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dutchess and Plenty to do

My hubby got a new car last week and not just any car -- his dream car the Scion FRS....Introducing Duchess 
Scion FR-S in Central Florida
Which means that he wanted a new pouch to match his car for all his miscellany cords and sunglasses. When I started working on the pouch i discovered that I was missing the dongle that should have came with my machine (being that I bought it used). I got all that straightened out and started playing around with the 5D software. I am really impressed at all it is capable of doing, I was able to use a true type font i got online and match it up to the font used on the car's badge and make a perfect little pouch.

I haven't gotten a lot else accomplished last week but I do hope to be back in the sewing room soon as I have many projects calling for my attention. 
  • 2 quilts are basted and ready for quilting
  •  Michael Miller Challange -- July deadline
  • Make Pink Blocks Drive is being hosted by Anna @ life sew crafty for my link up in July.
  • Mom's apron -- deadline September 6
  • Mason's onsie quilt -- due September
  • start working on the 3 holiday quilts that a lady ordered last week -- Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas -- 1st one due September
  • Winds of OZ block -- Accuquilt contest is still going on through the end of the month
Happy Quilting Everyone!! 


  1. Your "to do" lists amaze me! Such an ambitious list ... two quilts basted and I was already exhausted!

  2. Chris seems like ge really likes the Duchess! Great job on the pouch--glad you got all that sorted out ( would have been a shame to miss out on all it can do!) LOL at Chelsea... I usually feel the same way! Can't wait to see what you are up to next!