Friday, May 2, 2014

And Dixie Makes 4

Earlier this week I was helping a coworker on Craigslist. She wanted a sewing machine -- something cheap that her daughter could sew a little on, to see if she liked sewing. I talked to her about the importance of getting something that was quality because a poor machine could serve to discourage the child from sewing. 

Then, I came across something that I felt was a treasure and she wasn't interested in this "old dirty machine" -- took a lot for me not to hit her. It was listed as a featherweight for $50 and there were several pictures but none of the front left corner of the machine. So I called and talked to the guy for a little bit -- he said it came from a family friend and he had it serviced about 3 years ago (from a place that I know) but it had sat in the box ever since because he had bought another Singer from Walmart. Y'all I nearly passed out -- why would you have a great metal machine that you paid to have serviced and opt to use this plastic one. 
So I went over that night and took a look at it with my hubby -- the machine needed to be dusted where it had sat but it did indeed work and looked pretty good for it's age. The plate that indicates model number was a bit funky with grime so I didn't get a good look at it. I figured out that it probably was not a featherweight because of some key features but I loved it's classic look and decided to take it home -- better I take it and give it a good home than him to trash it. (I know that may sound dramatic -- but I did see part of a sewing table in his trash pile, recently broken). 
Everyone was happy, the guy had a little cash, and I had a new machine to if nothing else pretty up and use as display. I took it home and cleaned it up a bit -- turn out it's a 1956  99- model and not a 221 featherweight but at least she's not in the landfill and she does run, and with some minor tweeking it also sews beautifully. 
The 2nd row from the top is the last row I played with -- not bad. 

Being that most sewing machines have names I got to thinking and WARNING!! here comes the weird train of thought of how I came to the name Dixie. I bought her from a guy named Darrell, my uncle Darrell was born in 1956, my favorite Walking Dead character is Darrell Dixon, I could do with Dixon  but that's not very girly so -- Dixie it is. 

So now I am the owner of 4 sewing machines -- man it's a good thing I have a tolerant husband. If I could teach the cats to sew I would be in real business. 

On a different note -- don't forget to vote daily in the Accuquilt Block contest -- my entry is Winds of Oz. I am thinking that I will be giving this machine a work out this weekend making a sample. 

Happy Quilting Everyone!! 


  1. I too have four machines but they are more recent models.. Now that I am getting ready to move I get to move four machines.

  2. I'm so glad you "saved" this machine!

  3. Really nice and a great bargain. You know I bought an antique machine recently too. They are just too pretty to put in the trash.