Monday, September 1, 2014

mom's apron

A small project for me this quarter was putting together this apron kit for my Mother in Law and making some customization. I'm not a clothing maker and only dabble in bag making so I have been putting this one off for some time even though the fabric is all preprinted on one piece and its pretty much a fabric paper doll kit. 

she wanted some embroidery on it and she wanted the neck as a solid piece rather than a tie
She liked it and I think it turned out pretty good but it's defiantly not my style of sewing -- the project I have been putting off nearly a year took me all of 2 hours to complete (including the embroidery). 

Secret Sister Swap Sent

I love doing swaps to the point that maybe I become a little too obsessed about them. Back in June I signed up for the Sister Thing Swap and anxiously awaited to find out who my partner was going to be -- there isn't a flickr group or hash tag for this swap so it's an even bigger surprise when your item arrives. 

Michelle is a blogger that I have been following for a while and I have participated in both rounds of the Kate Spain charm swap as well as the 2013 round of the Sister Thing Swap. Someone's got to get the moderator and this time it was me, I was very excited and anxious about making something for her. After much consideration I drew my inspiration from her blog name and decided that it was time to pull out my string blocks and put them into a throw quilt to send her way. (that counts as a small item, right?)

I went with twirly paisleys for my quilting -- I wanted the star of this quilt to be the fabrics but I'm still quite happy with the results. 
And a couple of hidden messages in the stitches. 
She has 2 lovely children that I am sure she will enjoy reading to and snuggling with under this quilt. I threw in some extras for them (and mom) and what's a swap without some snackie goodies for everyone.
I used some of her (and my) favorite Kate Spain -- good fortune on the back and to bind it in, that I had been stashing for quite a while (man, I must really like her).  
Northern Winters can be rough so I know that this throw is going to a good home where it will be loved and that makes it all worth it. Now i need to get back to making more string blocks so that I can make another one for me. I'm already planning on using this idea for my guild pillow swap and I know at least one member that may be willing to fight someone if she doesn't end up with it. 

Here's a few more shots of the quilt that are mostly posted because I think they are funny. 
Photo bombed by a goat
Someone clearly does not agree with sending this quilt away. (I only hope that my secret sister likes it as much as this guy.)
Happy Quilting Everyone -- now i need to go get started on some of the other upcoming swap items that I have throughout the rest of the year. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Alison Glass Trunk Show

Teri and I went to see Alison Glass do a trunk show last week in Blacksburg, VA at a great shop called New River Fiber Company. They have some great fabrics -- Alison glass, Cotton & Steel, Denyse Schmidt, Art Gallery.

That's how you know you have either a crazy or dedicated friend call her up a few days ahead of time and say --hey want to travel an hour and a half away to go to a trunk show and then drive back across the mountains in the dark, and they agree to it. 

We got to see and pet lots of great quilts and learn some about the process of how Alison came into designing fabrics and some awesome patterns. I took lots of photos so enjoy and let me just say there is lots of AMAZINGNESS that is coming up in the near future that I'm not able to share. 
Mr Pink got in on the action and even took a photo with Alison. 
He also loved up on some Fabulous quilting by Angela Walters.
and I may have added a pattern and some more fabrics to my continually growing fabric hoard, including Tessellation and some Cotton and Steel.  

Gypsy Wife

I am happy to announce that after a short 8 months that the Gypsy Wife Quilt is completed -- I showed you all a few pictures of the top and the process a while back and it's been kind of sitting while I thought about how I wanted it quilted. After much thought I decided to be true to myself and go with my usual chrysanthemums -- there is just something about them that I love and the quilting always pops when it's washed. I went with cream polyx embroidery thread for my quilting because i like the shiny but didn't want the thread to be a distraction from all the other colors in this quilt. I'm truly pleased with the outcome.
I'm thinking about starting another one some time soon in some bolder colors. 

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Mason's Quilt is DONE

I have been working on this one for a while -- it's a t shirt quilt that my dental hygienist wanted made of her son's first year items. She had fabric left from having his baby bedding made and asked that I use this if I could, so without further adieu ---- Mason's T-shirt Quilt

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Charity Twin Quilts

The guild hosted a yard sale a few months back and I got a few inherited UFO projects donated to me, so I thought what better to do with them than make charity quilt tops. These two quilts used "scraps" that I have come to learn were extra cut off pieces from a quilt that one of the guild members made. All I needed to do was sew the strips together and put on a boarder and they were ready for quilting. I'm happier with the green boarder one overall but I know that both of them will bring joy to our charity recipients


Another of the inherited UFO projects I got from the guild was spiderweb blocks. I had never made spiderweb blocks before and had to make one more to put this wall hanging together. 
this goat was very curious as to what I was doing 
I have to say that I really enjoyed the process and look forward to making another spiderweb quilt in the future.