Thursday, June 18, 2015

Alison Glass Swap

Swap number 10 for 2015 is in the book and this time it was all about one of my favorite designers Alison Glass. Now as you may recall I met Alison at a small trunk show that she was doing at a quilt shop a few hours away from me and she was delightful.

So my partner for this swap was Amy Verne @amybob3kids, and she really loves the handmades -- which I had none of so a quick trip to Mary Joe's was in order and I was all set up. She also likes stars so I elected to make her this mini. 

Throw in a few extras and you have yourself a swap package.

In return I received from Tricia @mothersneedle 

What a lovely Mini -- learning to do cathedral windows is on my quilting bucket list so I love it. she even threw in some fun goodies.

This marks all my swaps for the first part of 2015 completed and for now I don't have any more lined up. I have decided to take a few months off from swapping and focus on completing things that I have been wanting to do for a while. Not being able to quilt last month really helped to remind me how much I love it and with the summer heat here I know I will not be spending lots of time outside. 

There has been lots going on with the civic project but I haven't made any headway with the seat covers so I am moving that up on the priority list. I have 2 bees that are ending this month and one that goes through the remainder of the year so getting back to me sewing will hopefully be easier -- perhaps the 3rd quarter will be more productive than this one. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May in Review

I am happy to report that my hand is out of the brace and i have been able to resume sewing -- to a point. I will not be making any marathon quilting weekends any time soon and usually only am able to sew for about 2 hours at a given time but I am building up strength and that is a good thing. 

I didn't do much sewing or shopping in May but I did finish up my bee blocks (-2 yards)

First 2 were the wrong color placement -- OOPS!! -- I don't know what happened to the photo on my phone 

and completed my Alison Glass Mini quilt -- I had to cut back on what I was doing with this swap but I am still pretty happy with the outcome. My partner should receive it later this week and I will do a full post at that time. (-2 yards)
I had hoped that I would have one of the projects I have been working on ready by father's day but it may end up being for his birthday instead. 

My husband and I are still working on the Honda revitalization project and things are going great -- if you follow on IG then you have seen the progress being made. (new headlights and tail lights, mirrors, new carpet and steering wheel and some engine work) 

This month I will continue working on my goals for the quarter and see what happens there but I am not expecting many finishes. I have made a decision to leave the swaps that I had signed up for that are later in the year -- this might have been a rash choice but I really want to focus on some of the UFO's I have around here as the mid point for 2015 is approaching. 

As for my fabric report -- I am going to call this month a wash and carry forward the numbers from last month. I did a little purchasing but without sewing happening I didn't really get anything to report so I will round down the running number so far,  In the first 5 months of 2015 the balance is - 60 yards since the beginning of the year. 

Hope everyone is well and having lots of time for some happy quilting. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

the sad quilter

If you haven't noticed the blog has been rather quiet these last few weeks. I wish it was telling you that it was because of something exciting and I had a big reveal today -- but that isn't the case. You see I have been on hand use restrictions for the last week and will be at least through this week as I have sprained the tendon in my right hand and am in a very uncomfortable and less than stylish arm brace. 
I don't know how this happened but I do know that I started having trouble with my hand about a month ago (pre stash bash) and noticed a large blue knot below my middle finger -- the pain slowly spread to my whole hand and included some numbness and shooting pains up my arm. Reluctantly I went to the doctor on the 1st and got the news that I was not to use this hand for 2 weeks. 
Image result for two weeks
Now you all know me and sitting still and not doing things is not my strong suit but this time my dominate hand was literally tied. I notified my bee groups and a pattern tester that I may not be able to make my deadlines that were coming up. I worry about deadlines and hate letting people down but at least everyone was super nice about it. 

I have been very sad not quilting in the evenings -- my husband works 2nd shift so I am usually alone, wishing I were sewing. We did make a trip to Raleigh for fabric buying right after the doctor told me no sewing -- I got some lovely end of bolts and used a local site like groupon for an excellent deal on all these lovelies. So much for decreasing the stash this month.
My sewing room is also a huge mess since I haven't cleaned up since the guild yard sale last month or even full cleaned up since the retreat. I am hoping to give sewing another go this weekend but the progress on my hand seems to be slow and the Dr may not give me the go ahead. 
Image result for disappointed face emoji
If she does then I will be starting on this list of deadlines -- hopefully at warp speed. 
-- Block of the month due 5/21
-- Bee Blocks due 5/29 (ok to mail late) 
-- pattern test due 6/3 (ok to fall through)
-- One Hour Basket Swap due 6/5 
-- MMBB BOM due 6/8
-- Alison Glass Mini due 6/15 
-- Tessellations Workshop 6/15
-- block of the month due 6/18
-- June Bee Blocks due 6/30 (end of 2 bees)
-- update on quarterly goals 7/1
-- villains Swap due 7/15 -- it's actually completed but I need to finish the extras 
-- Dad's Birthday quilt 7/18
-- Harry Potter Swap due 9/4 

So many deadlines and projects in my mind ... this hand needs to hurry up and heal. 

I did manage to create 2 wonderful deserts for friend's birthdays this month. One was a Strawberry Cobbler and the other was this Cherry Cheesecake with sugar cookie crust.  
I hope everyone else is having a wonderful May filed with lots of happy quilting. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Sewing or Stashing in April and Bee report

April started off good -- went to Charlotte and stopped at The Quilted Thimble Cottage, only bought 4 yards of fabric (3 for backing) to round out the Lucky 21 Quilt I planned to make at Stash Bash. (Which I didn't get around to.)

I made a trip to Mary Joe's and attended 2 block of the month classes and came out fabric free. That is a major win for me.

Mid month I sent out my Spring Mini -- that was about 2 yards worth of fabric used.

I made a large tote Bag to take to stash bash and as a part of the Sew Your Stash Challenge. I also made a zippy pouch to go with it for carrying basic supplies. -- about 3 yards used

At Stash Bash we had a secret swap going with 2 handmade items for our partners. I made a mini sew together pouch and a large mug rug / very mini quilt for the lovely Brittenee @heart_stitches -- together these used about 3 yards of fabric. I also gifted her some fabric -- another 2.5 yards worth.

I did a quick IG sale before stash bash and sold 12 yards -- YAY.

My biggest fabric splurge was during the stash bash where I got to shop at Stash Fabrics, and I made trip to The Scarlett Thread  and Intown Quilters.

Stash Fabrics 
A Scarlet Thread 
Intown Quilters 
The trip in total came out with 14 yards added to my stash.

When I came home it was time for the guild meeting and out make up yard sale. 5 yards sold, 5 yards donated. 

My bee blocks this month were a lot of fun -- 2 yards used

Cranes for Liz 
Tic Tac Toe blocks for Jen -- We bee with it
WE Bee Learning blocks 
I also managed to 
  • put together my Accuquilt block -- 2 yards which still needs fabric pulled for the last boarder and the backing
  • assemble my string blocks quilt top and pulled fabric for boarders -- 3 yards used
That means that April was +18 yards new, - 38.5 yards used / sold / donated for a total of -21.5 yards this month --- yearly total so far is a stash that is 67 yards lighter than at the beginning of the year. 

May brings a preparation for several upcoming swaps that are due in June and July so I am hoping to keep up the progress and maybe reach triple digits before the end of the quarter. My husband did surprise me with a spending certificate for a shop in Raleigh so I may be using that some time soon. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


First off it was ................ FE-NOMINAL 

We played a fun ice breaker that involved swapping fat qtrs --  I brought these new ones home. 

We had a secret swap that involved 2 packages. My sister that I made for was Brittnee Ransome @heart_stitches.

here's her day 1 package -- this package was delivered in secret. I still haven't figured out if that is a large mug rug or a small mini quilt but she did display it on the wall for everyone to see. 
but the quilting on it came out great 
Since I have a tendency to overdo it -- I ended up with a 3rd package for her so I slipped it in between the other 2. She loves Halloween fabrics.
the second package was the one that we delivered -- letting our partners in on the secret -- I finally got it all in one package. 
Al wrapped up 
all spread out -- this was my first mini sew together and I will be making another one (or 5) soon. 
and I'm in love with the inside -- another rainbow.
So what was Brittnee's reaction 

I was spoiled by the fabulous Sarah @sarahksews  and she showed how well she got to know me with these lovelies.

Day 1 was all about snacks and goodies 
Day 2 was all about handmade items. 
She's cute -- and now you all know why I don't usually do selfies. 

There was lots of laughing and talking and sewing. There were so many fun people -- both new friends and old friends that I got to know that I can't wait to see again. 

Oh I did mention we actually worked on some stuff too.

Made a few Moda Modern Building Blocks, finished a bee block and put together my Accuquilt block (it needs a little white added and a boarder of grey). 
Fully assembled my dad's string quilt (again it needs a boarder). 
I started working on the blocks for my Kate Spain Jewel Box Quilt -- I'm nearly 2/3 done with the first step of sewing. 

I didn't get to work on Lucky 21 or Swoon -- I started having some swelling issues with my feet so I couldn't go full force or all night like some ladies did but I am pretty happy with everything as a whole from my first retreat experience.

Oh and Mr Pink was a huge hit -- see instagram for more photos. He even has his own hash tag now #adventuresofmrpink
I also need to put out another big thanks to the awesome sponsors that made our giveaways and goodie bags so awesome. 
That's quite a bit of swag Mr Pink 
Some cool fabric I won from Bari J and a free Craftsy class. 

 What a wonderful time -- I can't wait till we all get together again and next year it's in Nashville but there is talk of a fall retreat back in Georgia later this year. 

Spring Fling Mini Swap

I know you all are starting to think all I ever do is make swaps and bee blocks lately and really it's starting to feel that way. 

This one was all about spring time and I was partnered up to make for Kimberly Russell (@kipperson) who loves Amy Butler and the color purple. I am a fan of some of Amy Butler but not a super fan so I searched around and found out that there isn't a whole lot of purple in Amy Buttler (at least what I was able to find) but I did find this lovely fabric -- 
and did the rest of my fabric pull from there (mostly stash). 
Being in the Spring theme I wanted to make something that looked like a flower so I went for a paper pieced Dresden, then I added to it to make it really special.  
I added some quilting, this was my first time using invisible thread and I seriously love it and I love the results.

and so does Kimberly. 
She liked me extras that I threw in, too. 

Be sure to check out all the great minis that I've gotten in the last 6 weeks in my other post. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Swaps Received in March and the first part of April

Since the end of March and April were busy with swapping deadlines that meant lots of happy mail was coming my way so here's a recap of the 5 exciting  swaps that I received in return and another that I am still working on, but my package arrived early. 

Tula Pink Swap from @TawnyTawny

Studio Ghibli Swap from @Sewninred

(great extras -- she thinks I need to take up EPP, and I have to say I am intrigued)

Viva La Villains Swap from @beebsinwonderland (this one was a little bit early but well worth missing out on the anticipation of waiting at the deadline) 
Awesome Right!! 
The extras were equally awesome -- esp that cross stitch 

Rainbow Swap was from @sewkristen 

Isn't it cool -- I love things that are appliqued because of the effort that it takes and the lack of patience that I have for doing it. Plus this one is kinda naughty if you have a pervy mind. 
Some cute and thoughtful extras. 

Kitten Mini Swap, finally arrived after a 10 day delay in Chicago from the AMAZING @jaclynb
I squealed and jumped around so much that my cats wouldn't come in the room with me for about an hour. 

Spring Mini Swap from @jmtuller

Look at all that great color!! She also put in some great extras -- it's like she knew I was running low on pins. 

This was truly a great month and a half of swap packages, now it's time to rearrange my mini wall in my sewing room so that I will be able to display them all. That's going to have to wait till after stash bash and the swapping awesomeness that I will be doing there. 

I have a few other swaps on the horizon as well but they will be in a few months. I think I'm going to take a break for a little while and really focus on the things that I commit to so that I can get some personal sewing done -- those things aren't going to finish themselves.