Thursday, May 4, 2017

April -- the month of doing what I want

April Challenges this month didn't line up with my goal lists so I decided it was the month to work on things at random and make progress as best that I could on other goals. APQ put up the challenge number of 11 this month --- I only have 10 goals on my list so I took this month to focus on getting things ready for retreat and doing some serious over packing. 
The scrap challenge this month was multi colored scraps -- I don't have my scraps sorted into a bundle of odd balls so I just choose to work on brown since that is the least amount of scraps and i knew it would be a busy one later on so whipped up my scrap bin before mid month. 

I knew that I also wanted to get the bee blocks knocked out early this month (-1 yard) so that I wouldn't rush them after the retreat so I made, Greek Cross blocks for the triple block bee --- so fun, 

Fizzy Blocks for the Bee Hive 
and an assortment of HST for the stash bee -- she's making a larger project with them and requested that we not stitch them together. 
I was most excited this month because of the upcoming retreat and did a bunch of prep work for projects to work on then and gift items that were for my secret sister and other friends that were going to be there. My biggest project this month was the 65 zippy pouches that I made as gifts for everyone (-35 yards).
I also completed the binding on the Abstract Elephant and gifted him to Mallory. (-10 yards) 
My secret sister also received an Hour basket and a small pillow to decorate her sewing room and some fabrics I knew she'd love. 
(-5 yards)
 While at retreat I did but a little fabric that i will be using in upcoming tunics and for quilt backings. You can see more of the retreat projects and progress here.

The end of the month was spent recuperating and completing my rounds on the traveling quilts that I am a part of (-1 yard)

And making a special puppy block for a dear friend that just lost her sweet girl Jenny 
While April only had a few finishes there was a great deal of progress made on 3 quilts at retreat and bunch of gifted items. My Scrap booking supplies are nearly all gone (except the limited pieces that I am keeping for other things) and my stash is lighter by 50 yards. This puts the yearly total to -84 yards this year -- maybe May will push me over 100 used. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

100 days in

At the beginning of the new year I linked up with Jen for the 100 days challenge. 

The point of this is to link up 3 goals that we have for ourselves that are short term or things that we need to put more focus on for the next little while. 

When I did my initial goals I said I wanted to ... 
  1. keep up with the ongoing challenges (bee blocks, monthly UFO goals, APQ Challenge, swaps, ect)
  2. have 5 completions in 100 days 
  3. Re-home my scrapbook supplies  
So, how did things turn out? 

I'm elated to report that all three of these goals have been accomplished. 
Image result for excited
I've been doing well with all my goals and working on several projects that have been around for a while to move these toward completion later this year. I've finished several things already and have some more that are close -- which will be tackled at the upcoming quilt retreat. 

 The biggest of these is the last one and the thing i am most excited about. I am going to be traveling through Asheville in another few days and on my way to quilt retreat, and I have found a new home for the stamping and scrapbook supplies and i know that they will be utilized. I am also glad for the space that this will free up in my sewing room because the boxes have been a constant reminder for the last several years of needing to purge -- not only the items but the drama that is now associated with that hobby for me. 
Image result for packing craft supplies
I love doing this challenge each year and it's always surprising to see what can be accomplished in 100 days. 

Monday, May 1, 2017


I have been beyond excited for stash bash this year and super eager to really get a lot accomplished in these few days of awesomeness with my friends, it's usually a 3 day retreat but this year we had the option to add on Wednesday and turn it into a 4 day retreat (YAY!!!!!!!!). I hooked up with my friend Erin for travel the day before and an overnight stop in Nashville. 
The location is spectacular as usual and I always love seeing all my friends again. This year it rained several of the days but that didn't dampen our spirits much. 

Per usual I took way to much stuff with the fear of running out of projects to work on (LOL right) but with the headaches from the rain I had plenty to work on. 
Of my list of 12+ projects I managed to complete 4 quilt tops and most of the blocks for a 5th.

My Triple Bee Quilt top is assembled 
Lucky 21 is assembled 
Swiss Cross is assembled 
Extra Geese Project is assembled -- not sure yet if this will become a larger project with this as a focal point or if it will be a mini / runner, My Friend Kim wants to turn it into a lampshade. 
and Plus side is now a pile of blocks (completed once I got home and was able to find the fabric pieces that i forgot -- ready for assembly)
My other projects will sit in waiting for me to fully recover and keep me busy for a few more months at least. Of the projects that went untouched, all but 1 of them were unstarted so this emphasizes the value of prep work for me in getting things done while sewing away from home. 

Stash bash is really all about the awesome people that we meet and that enrich our lives. This year I was able to deliver 2 special quilts and a surprise for the ladies. 

One was for Chris our host and founder of the retreat. She loves Kate Spain as much as I do and when I discovered after retreat last year that i had almost enough jewel box blocks left to make a throw, I knew it needed to be hers.  (she said it's the first quilt anyone has ever given her) 
My other delivery was the amazing elephant quilt that I made for Mallory as a part of a quilt swap (That quilt will be getting it's own post soon) -- she in return gave me the tula rainbow quilt. 
Because all these ladies are so special to me I made a zipper bag for each of the attendees -- that's 65 zippies. 
-- my friend Teri made several of these troll hair and they were awesome.
Stash Bash is always awesome and exhausting but well worth it and I hope that this tradition continues for many years to come. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Ready for the 2nd Quarter

Finish-A-Long 2017
I started the quarter with 26+ goals -- after linking up my finishes I discovered that I completed 14 items this quarter that I was able to show and share in the link up and that's pretty good for me. I'm hoping that I will be able to show many more completions in the 2nd quarter and I'm feeling pretty confident since April holds time with my quilt tribe at the Stash Bash and there's always lots of prep that needs to be done before then. So on with the goals.... 
  1. Complete all my secret sister sewing for Stash Bash -- there are several things going on for this goal already 
  2. Bind Mallory's Elephant throw when it gets back from quilting 
  3. A surprise for Stash Bash that is already in the works
  4. At least 3 more color bins for my scraps -- maybe more depending on the color selections each month
  5. Swiss Cross Quilt (May deadline) Swiss Downloadable PDF Quilt PatternThimble Blossoms | Fat Quarter Shop:
  6. Moda Modern Building Blocks abbreviated version -- this happens to be the item for April in the APQ challenge so maybe I can finally get it moving again this month. Image result for moda modern building blocks This is also my OMG goal this month as an extra motivator for getting the modified quilt top completed. 
  7. Tessellations Quilt -- still needs 20 blocks made
  8. Lucky 21 Quilt -- ready for assembly 
  9. Weekender Bag -- only the outer panels are made 
  10. More tunic tops -- I've got fabric pulled for at least 4 more already 
  11. Down the Rabbit Hole traveling quilt -- needs my contribution
  12. Spiderwebs quilt -- blocks need squaring and assembly
  13. Finish Patchwork Swoon -- at the long armers now
  14. Jen Kingwell Holiday Pillow 
  15. All Squared UP with Priory Square 
  16. Plus Side Quilt for Granny -- all the cutting is complete
  17. Broken Herringbone Quilt 
  18. AMH Scrappy Quilt 
  19. Botanics Pendant Quilt 
  20. Crafty Carrier -- this one may need to be made before retreat if I end up taking the featherweight machine.  Image result for crafty carrier
  21. Grandma's Surprise 
  22. Kitten Quilt from Scraps
  23. Gingersnap quilt Image result for gingersnap quilt
  24. Metro Hoops -- finally learning to use my quick curve ruler Image result for metro hoops quilt pattern
  25. Alison Glass extra geese mini quilt
  26. Taffy quilt with Color Theory 
  27. Other gift and swap items that come along 
Well 2 dozen plus goals -- it looks like it'll be a busy few months. Time to link up for the quarter

Thursday, March 30, 2017

March -- a Month of Red and progress?

APQ put out the number for this month and I was relieved -- it's #12 and my lists don't have anything in these slots so for me this was a month to catch up on other projects and focus on deadlines, and with the stash bash coming up next month there are deadlines looming for sure. 

The month started off with an awesome trip to Georgia to see some of my gal pals and take a few classes. The first day, I took a Tunic class with Chrissy and my gal Ella came too. 
and I made this awesome space kitty Tunic (-3 yards) 
The next day I met up with Kristi for her Betsy Travel Bag and ended up being the only student so it was a great girls day making a challenging bag but I nearly completed it. I finished it after I got home and a few days being sick. (-5 yards) 
And it wouldn't be a trip to Atlanta without a stop at in town quilters where I picked up some bolt ends -- as I look at this picture I now realize that these all could go together (+ 6 yards) 
Once I had my energy back I started on my bee blocks this month and these were pretty fun. (-1 yard) 
Stash Bee random HST for Em. 
Triple Bee Shoo Fly blocks for Nicole 
Bee Hive Ripple Blocks for Jess. 
I also had Jill's traveling quilt -- it's rainbow theme and she loves stars so how could I not add to this fun boarder. 
I might be crazy but I've joined another traveling quilt for this year and this one I started out with a paper pieced star. (-2 yards)
Our guild did a coffee and tea exchange so I made this fun Mug Rug for Liz . (-1 yard)
Since the scrap color was red that meant I had limited scraps this month -- First was my scrap bin.
Then some color strips -- see not much read in my scrap stash
 I had to get Mallory's elephant put together and off to the quilter so that it will be ready for her by stash Bash. 
With that awesome event (Stash Bash) happening in late April, I really had to get a move on with my secret sister sewing. I had to do some digging but came up with a few things to surprise her with for her first stash bash but I'm still finishing things up on that end so you will all have to wait till after the bash for an update. 

I'm also doing an hour basket swap online and made this lovely basket to send off to my partner in a few days. (-2 yards)

Knocked out a few more things for my Quarterly goals and brought the March total of used fabric to 14 yards, 6 yards purchased and quarterly total of used yards to 34 (not quite the 50 I was looking for but there are several things in the works that would easily push that number up.)