Thursday, March 26, 2015

Studio Ghibli Swap

My partner for this one happened to be one of the awesome moderators Felice Regina (@iamlunasol). She happens to love Kiki's delivery Service and Howl's Moving Castle so I really wanted to make something that represented both movies. I too love Kiki's and all the colors and scenery so I used this movie as a basis for my colors -- I went with a mini horizon charm Pack that I had been holding onto for some time and some stashed special fabrics to createanother sew together bag. I wanted to make this bag because to me it reminds me of Howl's Castle -- so much more room inside that you would expect and has lots of compartments. 
I chose to put Soar with your spirit embroidery on the outside. I chose this sentiment because it to fits both movies where the overall theme is about finding yourself to move forward. To me it also is suitable for the creative process because doing the things that you love is good for the spirit. 
Since the quilting doesn't show up great in pictures I took a shot of it before assembly -- swirls like the wind and creative chaos. 
So, remember those special, coveted fabrics I had been holding onto for a while. I really love how they all came together and sure hope that Felice agrees with my choices. 
Once it was all put together this was the outcome, and I even found this really neat charm to use as a zipper pull. 
I also decided that since I knew she had made 2 packages for this swap I would send her a very special extra handmade item along with her other extras. 
It looks like things were well received 
Now it's time to wait and see what I receive -- I'll be putting all my received packages together in a big post once the four of them arrive by mid April.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

TULA Pink Love

It's no secret that I LOVE Tula Pink. SO when i was given the opportunity to sign up for a Tula Pink Mini Quilt Swap I jumped right on board with both feet.

I got paired up with  Paula Leber (@bubbabean22) and apparently she loves Tula like I Love TULA -- only a slightly obsessive amount. So what's a better way to show our mutual love than with a heart.

Well I wanted to make it more special for her so I used a paper piece alphabet by from Blank Pages and pieced her name on the mini.
Now it was time to quilt it up and prepare it for shipping.
The hardest thing about this swap for me was not sending extras other than a FQ. I love extras and spoiling my recipient but I was good and stayed true to the swap. So here's the finished project. 
So Paula was super excited and here's what she had to say.

Now it's time to wait and see what I receive -- I'll be putting all my received packages together in a big post once the four of them arrive by mid April.  

Friday, March 20, 2015

Accuquilt Contest round 2 for me

So I have decided to join in on the fun over at accuquilt again this year with the block design contest. They've changed up the format and the rules this year and I for one like the changes -- blocks have to be able to be made using the existing accuquilt dies and along with the individual voting there is a panel that will be selecting a winner. 

I entered my Winds of Oz block -- I love all the colors in this one and it easily transitions into being accuquilt ready. 
Perhaps if I can clear some of these other tasks off my list I will be able to put her together some time soon. I do need to get a few more dies to make that a reality. 

If you feel inclined to vote and I hope you do here's the link, as usual the voting is open for a month and you can vote every day. 

Happy quilting and happy spring everyone. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

12 days in, nothing accomplished

Here we are 12 days into March and I find my self in a state of sewing funk -- I can't get motivated to do anything. I have deadlines coming up and many of them are met but some of them need finishing and others need starting. The beginning of March is always a difficult time for me as it is one of those times of the year that I miss my mother more, she loved spring and flowers and it's the anniversary of her passing (14 years and it doesn't seem to get easier). 
I'm still going into the sewing room daily but nothing seems to come of it -- I either move projects around, maybe wind some bobbins, straighten up some, pet the fabric a little or walk in and simply stand in the middle of the room. I haven't felt inspired lately and maybe I need a rearrangement in there but the thrive is lacking. I did get a little sewing accomplished this weekend when I quilted my Rainbow Mini Swap item and I pulled the fabrics for my bee blocks this month. 
My love of fabric shopping is thriving -- went out last weekend and bought some things that I was needing for upcoming projects (and some stuff that I wanted), once I got home I wasn't as excited about getting started. I am also kinda jonesing to stop and one of the shops that I know got Elizabeth in this week. As for this weekend, It's supposed to be one for sewing and knocking things off that deadline list. Instead I made plans to go to the Charlotte quilt guild show and a new shop opening, I know that will leave some time for sewing and hopefully I can find motivation. 

Here are the Dates and deadlines through April-- 

  • 3/19 -- block of the month -- complete
  • 3/20 -- lock in @ Sewingly Yours
  • 3/23 -- mail Tula Pink Mini -- need label and photos
  • 3/25 -- Mail Studio Ghibli Swap package -- finish extra and photos 
  • 3/26 -- Sew Together intro session -- make samples 
  • 3/28 -- Sew Together class 
  • 3/31 -- mail kitten mini -- need label and photos
  • 3/31 -- deadline to mail bee blocks 
  • 3/31 -- complete pattern test
  • 4/6 -- mail Rainbow Mini -- needs binding, label and photos
  • 4/13 -- Moda Modern Building Blocks for the month
  • 4/16 -- block of the month 
  • 4/23 -- have everything ready for stash bash
  • 4/23 -- stash bash swaps 
  • 4/24 -- Mail Spring Mini
  • 4/30 -- deadline to mail April bee Blocks 
Some of these will be knocked off quickly and I think once I get things moving again it will be easier to keep up the pace. I'd love to knock some other things off my bigger list for the quarter but we will have to see if I get any of the 4 quilts quilted that I have ready. 
Spring is coming and brighter days are ahead.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

How am I doing in the 1st Qtr? -- AKA a super busy March

Well I have been sewing pretty continuously in the first three months and do have some things to mark off my jumbo unrealistic list I set forth in January but the progress is slow coming and I'm not thinking that there are enough days in March to get them all crossed off. 
  • Complete the Medallion Quilt -- still basted and patiently awaiting waiting for me to quilt it 
  • Complete Rush Hour -- same as the Medallion Quilt
  •  Find a Project to use my Cat Nap fabric -- nope 
  • Swoon Quilt using Rock N Romance -- I did get the background fabric now so in theory I could start on this one at any time, but nothing is cut yet. Maybe this one will be going to Stash bash as well.
  • Tula Pink's City Sampler -- HAHAHAAHAHHAHAH! no
  • Keep up with the swaps --  doing great on this one -- Bitches Stitches (done), Kitten (done), Ghibli (done), Tula Pink (done), Rainbow (ready for quilting), Spring (I'm toying with ideas), Alison Glass (need to order some fabric), Stash Bash Swap (just got my partner on this one, no progress yet), Villains Swap (new) 
  • Keep up with the Bee Blocks -- yes and I'm ready to start the March blocks this weekend
  • String quilt for my dad for Father's day -- I need to recount the blocks but I think that I have nearly enough to make a large top.
  • Patterns by my friend Lisa Alley -- no progress 
  • Disappearing Hourglass -- the top is completed, basted and waiting for me to quilt it. 
  • Complete the Scrappy trip along quilt -- these blocks are coming together slowly as I only work on them during lunch at work. 
  • Make at least one plushie from this pattern. -- nope
  • Lucky 21 -- I have the fill in fabrics that I was needing to round things out but haven't stated on this one yet. It might be saved for Stash Bash next month. 
  • Moda Modern Building Blocks. -- I have made about a third of the blocks for this one and have several cut and ready to sew together. I'd like to get at least to the half way point this month. Block one is my most recent block and it might be my fave. 
  • I've also decided that I would like to make at least one bag before the big retreat next month and I've picked up a pattern to test. 
March is going to be busy for sure -- you know that means less time to ogle fabric online and in the shops (yeah right) so maybe I will have a super successful month on Sewing my Stash (Bahahahahah!!!). I'll be sharing some of those swap items later on in the month so be sure to stay tuned.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Am I Sewing or Stashing -- FEB

The Big Guild Yard Sale happened this month and I successfully purged out ---- yards of fabric, --- scrap-booking supplies, --- beads and jewelry supplies. 

Well that was going to be the good news -- but our guild meeting and yard sale got canceled due to weather. I did purge out about 2 yards sending gifts to people so that's something. I also did manage to sell a little bit of fabric about another 2 yards worth. (4 yards out) 

This month I bought 
about 10 yards
AFR-13501-184 CHARCOAL by Carolyn Friedlander from Architextures, Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Dec 2012
1 yard 

This month I made or pulled fabric for or completed
  • Alyce's Sew Together Bag (about 2 yards) 
  • Kitten Mini Quilt (about a yard) 
  • Tula Pink Mini Quilt (about 2 yards) -- cant wait to show you guys it's awesome. 
  • Studio Ghibli swap item (about 3 yards)
  • Bee Blocks (about half a yard) 
  • Rainbow Mini (about 1.5 yards) 
OK so that's 14 yards out and 11 yards in -- at least I'm 3 yards to the positive and that brings my yearly total so far to -11 yards -- man I was really hoping for a higher number this month but I know that the guild will reschedule the sale probably for April and that will be a great help. Since things are bundled up perhaps I will get my tail in gear and list them on one of the Facebook groups. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sew together #4

The Sew together bag seems to go together easier each time that I make one -- except that pesky outer zipper, I am pretty confident in making them and this time I didn't even break a needle. 

Since everyone enjoyed the last sew together bag that I made I thought I would share my latest one that I put together (in a rather hurry) for Blossom Hear Quilts

Alyce is one of those people that I feel if I knew her in person we would just hit things off. She mentioned that she really wanted a sew together bag for Quilt Con but didn't have time to make one before her transatlantic journey. Well I'm not going to Quilt Con but I know a few people that are so I asked my friend -- May Chappell if she would be willing to do the hand off for me.

I whipped up this lovely bag -- that I nearly kept and Lee wanted to steal. 
front -- Tula Pink, Cotton and Steele, Grunge and Tim Holtz.
The very brightly colored inside -- where Bonnie and Camille came to the party. 

Well I know that she was really excited about the bag from the feedback I got on instagram -- and it's a good thing cause I know at least 4 other people that would have been more than happy to give this little bag a good home. I hope that she really loves it once it arrives in Austin later this week.