Monday, July 17, 2017

Savings Challenge time

It's time to link back up with Val and join in on the savings challenge that I have been a part of for the last 4 years, 
Val's Quilting Studio
Per usual I will be saving my loose change and some bills for the next year with the hopes of a slush fund for fabric shopping and the excitement of something bigger after the year. This year I will be storing my bills under the watchful eye of Darth Vader. 
Image result for Darth vader candy box tin
My real goal is to beat my small total from this past year but I'm also hoping that my savings this year will go toward a quilt retreat next year or a fun trip somewhere. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Swooning -- a completion

I've been a fan of Thimble Blossom's Swoon pattern for some time but never seemed to get around to making it. 
Swoon Pattern
I bought Pat Bravo's Rock N Romance line with the intention of making a queen size quilt for my bed out of it but put it off. 
Rock 'n Romance Fabric Bundles
Earlier this year swoon came around again in a quilt along and I joined up. Now by this time my love of doing a huge quilt from the line had wained and we have a bed quilt that my husband loves so I regrouped on the design and narrowed things down to a patchwork version of swoon. 
Image of Patchwork Swoon - PDF pattern
I made a few modifications to be easier on the math with these prints and have had the top completed since March, when I sent it to the The Green Apricot for quilting. 
Angela (and Juan) did a great job with it and all I had left was to bind it. Truth be told i got the binding attached right after stash bash but then never got around to turning it. 
I am happy to report that it is now complete and all ready for display in my bedroom. 

This is my 1st finish for the 3rd quarter finish a long. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Mammoth Undertaking -- a completion

Every now and then in life we stumble into a person that from the beginning we have a connection that is deep and we know that our life is changed because they are now a part of it.

For me this story starts 2 years ago. It was my first stash bash and I was anxious about meeting all these new people. To be honest it didn't start out as a great time because of some negative interactions I had right at the beginning but then there was this one chick on the other side of the room that kept stalking me. Everytime I went to the cutting table or iron there she was, anytime I went to the side room to lay something out there she was again. We joked about her stalking me and at one point I think I was convinced she was my secret sister. Turns out she wasn't but she was an awesome chick and through social media we kept in touch and made plans to meet up at the next retreat and hang out more. So now we've been to a total of 4 retreats together and plan to see each other more once they move later this summer. 

Before retreat this year she proposed a private swap -- ok sounds great. we knew we were doing a quilt swap but when it came to specifics I asked mini quilts or throws, we take the plunge and commit to throws (which for us loosely translates to a twin size bed quilt). I knew right away in looking through her pinterest and knowing her love of Alabama that I wanted to make her Violet Craft's Abstract Elephant. 
Image result for violet craft elephant
After some discussion it was determined that it should be in teals instead of grey and I set forth to find a great fabric group to make this happen.  
As it started to come together the project became more exciting. 
I determined that I would send it out to The Cotton Farm Fabrics for quilting and Charlene did a remarkable job. 
Then I got it bound in some fun Cotton and steel 
and had some fun taking pictures of this mamoth undertaking. 
It was a real pleasure making this for Mallory and I know that she will cherish it for many years to come.  For me she made an AMAZING Tula Pink rainbow shadowbox that she had Tula sign at Quilt Con -- I love it and her so much. 
Mr. Pink also finds it an amazing spot to cuddle. 
Mallory is one of the few that i put in the category of "my people" -- I am forever grateful for stash bash and bringing her into my live and know that we are destine to be friends a very long time.  

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Piggy Bank Challenge Results

Click the picture to read more!

Each July Val hosts a Piggy Bank Challenge -- I've been doing this challenge the last 3 years and usually I do pretty well. We have a year to see what kind of savings we can generate from change or loose bills and then decide on what our splurge item will be and then we start the challenge over for another year. 

This year I managed to save $338.50 -- That's not nearly as good as my savings in the previous years but I have dipped into it a few times recently. 

My husband and I got a new to us 2000 4 Runner and we have been making some upgrades to it. 
Image result for 2000 4runner limited
I also bought a FQ Bundle of Tula Pink's new line Spirit Animal that a friend snagged for me on an instagram sale. 
Image result for tula pink spirit animal line
I also got a layer cake of Sunprint 2017
Sun Print 2017 Bundles
And I pulled money out already to order her new line diving board, that is coming out soon.
Image result for alison glass diving board

In non fabric purchases I am planning a small trip later in the summer and I am sure the funds will come in handy then. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

May and June update

Well I've been a slacker in the realm of blogging and also in the realm of sewing -- I find myself under motivated recently. 
I have managed to add 2 more scrap bins to my growing collection -- Green and Yellow (somehow i have no photo of the green one)
I am really loving how they are looking together and now that the first side is full that will be motivation to push on the next 6 months and finish up the other half 
-- not to mention that it gives me floor space back where the boxes have been. I may use this space and display my machine collection in the near future. 

I also made a few charity quilt tops that I look forward to being able to finish up soon. 
I managed to work on a few traveling quilts and made a slew of bee blocks. 
May Blocks 
June Blocks

I am steadily working on my tessellations quilt and hope to have it finished very soon -- I got it laid out in the beginning of June and numbered all the blocks so now it's just about putting the top together. 
I've been good about limiting my fabric buying but did manage to get a bundle of Tula Pink Spirit Animal that will be coming out later this year and an Acacia layer cake --- thanks to my gal Mallory. Spirit Animal is stunning and I can't wait to figure out what to make with it. 

I'll be setting new quarterly goals soon and my biggest one will be to get something completed and alleviate this sewing funk. 

Monday, July 3, 2017

3rd Quarter goals

2017 has been a year of limited accomplishments so far but I am hoping that the 3rd quarter will be better than the first half, so here's all the things that I have in the works currently. 

Patchwork Swoon -- needs binding 
Guild mini quilt swap with Houston guild -- due September, I have a plan and the fabrics.
Guild Holiday Swap item -- due October but I want to get it in early 

complete the charity quilt tops that I have been making from scraps -- 5 currently need quilting 

Plus Side quilt for Granny -- needs assembly 

Swiss cross Quilt for Teri -- needs quilting 

Tessellations Quilt -- complete assembly and quilting
Lucky 21 -- needs quilting 
Down the Rabbit Hole traveling quilt -- needs my contribution
Spiderwebs quilt -- needs quilting 
Alison Glass extra geese mini quilt -- needs quilting
Moda Modern Building Blocks abbreviated version -- needs assembly 
Kitten Head quilt -- blocks being made from scraps monthly 
3-6 more scrap bins 
Squirrel Mini quilt for Gina 
Pattern testing for Karie Jewell 
Botanics Pendant Quilt -- fabric is cut and marked
Weekender Bag -- the outer panels are made 
Migration Quilt -- I am the Queen bee this month 
    Double Star Quilt -- I am the Queen Bee in September  
      Tabby Road Project 
      Spirit Animal project 
      3 more tunics 
      All Squared UP with Priory Square 
      Broken Herringbone Quilt 
      AMH Scrappy Quilt 
      Grandma's Surprise 
      Metro Hoops 
      Taffy quilt with Color Theory 
      I'll be linking up all these 25 ambitious goals for the quarterly finish a long. It really looks like I need to book some time on the long arm at my local shop or head to a friends house and bang some of these out because the pile of 10 to be quilted looks quite daunting.