Thursday, October 8, 2015

What else do I hope to accomplish in 2015

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
Per usual, I'm linking up with Adrianne over on the windy side to maybe promote getting some of these UFO's completed. As I am looking forward to the 4th quarter and end of 2015, it's time to ask once again -- 
What do I hope to accomplish this quarter? 

I'm going to break it down into things I must finish, things I want to finish and things I probably won't finish (most of these haven't been started). 

Things I must Finish......
  1. Swap with Mallory (10/15) 
  2. Secret Sister Swap Items (10/15)
  3. 15 One Hour Baskets / fabric buckets (10/15)Fabric Bucket Tutorial: A Free Pattern!
  4. Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt (11/2)
  5. Commission t-shirt quilt (11/15)
  6. Accuquilt mini #2 (12/1)
  7. bee blocks (monthly through December)
Things I want to finish .......
  1. Accuquilt Mini #1 -- ready for quilting
  2. kaleidoscope quilt -- ready for assembly
  3. Scrappy Trip along quilt -- ready for assembly
  4. Tula Pink Sampler quilt -- 15 of 70 blocks made
  5. Kate Spain Jewel Box Quilt -- ready for quilting
  6. Tessellations Quilt -- half the blocks are made
  7. Seat cover or car quilt for Honda (not started) Cluck Cluck Sew Scout Quilt Pattern
  8. Charity Quilt from orphan blocks 
Things I probably won't finish...(but they are on the list)
  1. Scrappy Cross Roads Quilt (blocks will be received in September and October) 
  2. Moda Modern Building blocks -- 1/3 of the blocks are made
  3. Rush Hour Quilt -- needs quilting
  4. Triad 86 quilt for Hubby (not started)
  5. Swoon with Rock N Romance (not started) Swoon Quilt Pattern by Thimble Blossoms
  6. Lucky 21 (not started) 
  7. Pixelated Heart of Cotton and Steele (not started)
  8. Bom Quilt from Sew Original -- class till November 
  9. Churn dash sampler (not started) 
  10. Pluses quilt (not started) 
  11. Mountain's Majesty quilt (not started) 
26 Goals and only 3 months -- good thing I am going to Stash Bash in October and will be taking a week off in December. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

3rd quarter progress

It's that time again -- I'm linking up with Adrianne over on the windy side to see what progress I made with my 3rd quarter goals. My commitment to the car group and general lack of energy is really putting a damper on getting much done in the quilting realm. 

Goals I completed 
  • vintage mini quilt top -- completed and ready to hang 

  • Pouch swap for the guild -- completed and gifted
  • Complete the Medallion Quilt -- Complete (waiting on the weather for better photos)
  • Rainbow tumbler quilt -- got all my scrappy squares cut but decided to pass these blocks along for charity quilts -- gifted the blocks to a charity quilter. 

Goals I Kept up with or made progress on 
  • keep up with making bee blocks and make a few more kaleidoscope blocks for my quilt. -- I'm ready to put this one together. I only have a few more Bee Blocks to make to finish out the year. 
  • Accuquilt Block Mini -- I finished the top and it's basted
  • Katie Spain Jewel Box Quilt -- Basted and ready for quilting
  • Tula Pink's City Sampler -- this has been started and I hope to have all the blocks made by stash bash for assembly -- currently I have 15 blocks of 70 made
  • Commission t-shirt quilt for a coworker -- due November -- Top is completed and basted 
Goals I did nothing with 
  • Make more of the 1 Hour Baskets / fabric buckets -- I've got 20 to make 
  • Complete my Scrappy Trip Along Quilt -- still a pile of blocks 

  • Complete Moda Modern Building Blocks -- I've kinda stopped working on this one, no real reason. 
  • Quilt Rush Hour -- no progress -- still waiting on quilting
  • Swoon Quilt with Rock N Romance -- 
  • Lucky 21 -- 

  • Pixelated Heart with Cotton and Steele mini charm pack
  • Tessellations 

  • Quilted Seat Covers or a car quilt for my new 1994 Civic
  • Work on the Triad 86 quilt for my husband -- not started

Out of my 20 Goals, I was able to complete 5 of them, made progress on 5 others and didn't touch 10 of them. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

September sewing and Stashing report

September is national sewing month so I set out with the goal of doing much more sewing than stashing ...

That was until my lovely friend Melanie at PapaNanas posted up that she had gotten in some of the Tula Pink Eden collection -- this is on my to buy list so i had to go check it out and I needed a small piece of another fabric for a friend's project (more on that later). -- it resulted in being +7 yards on the 3rd of the month.

Labor day was a 3 day weekend from work that turned into being a 4 day weekend -- so in between other commitments I got some sewing done. 

Completed my Vintage Mini Quilt -- used 1.5 yards of fabric 

Kate Spain Jewel box -- top (completed), backing (made) and binding (fabric is pulled) estimated 12 yards of fabric used
Tshirt Quilt -- used 2 yards of stash for boarders and 3.5 yards for backing 

I started pulling some fabric for swap projects, the Schnitzel and Boo Mini quilt -- aprox 1 yard of stash for top
project for Mallory -- 3.5 yards pulled 
I managed to cut some more of my scraps into tumblers for a friend that I will be meeting up with at the stash bash next month -- another 2 yards used. 

Mid September brought strep throat, my husband's birthday and a few days off work -- you know that meant more sewing, but with the inclusion of strep it didn't me a lot of sewing. 

-- first thing I finished up was making my Kelido blocks 
-- up next I completed my bee blocks for this month (1 yard used) 
Hubs and I went to Raleigh to meet up with his parents and I made him stop at the Bernina World of sewing shop -- to find these treasures (10 yards purchased). 

The last weekend of the month I finally felt well enough and squeezed in some more sewing. 
-- basted my Winds of Oz quilt (1 yard) 
-- Completed my Medallion quilt (16 yards of stash used on this quilt) 
My total this month was 17 yards added, 43.5 yards used with a total of -26.5 yards -- Add that to the yearly total so far and I'm sitting at 136 yards lighter for the year. 

Next month there will be lots of sewing as I prep for Stash Bash and attend Stash Bash so I'm hoping to add way more to those totals before the end of 2015.  

Monday, September 28, 2015

We be with it Hive blocks

I have been in 4 hives this year and had the first 2 hives make the Kaleidoscope blocks -- you guys rocked this in the first half of the year. I will be putting my quilt top together soon.

For the last 2 hives I picked the Scrappy Crossroads block. There is an excellent tutorial at The Dream Quilt Createthese are great for using up scraps and so I hope everyone enjoys making them.   
When pulling out fabrics think shades of Navy, Blue, teal, orange and gold (maybe touches of dark purple and red) -- I really like the inspiration photo below . These blocks will be scrappy, so I would like for everyone to use a variety of colors in each block but do keep the fabrics modern and tonal.
Come Home  Abstract Acrylic Painting on Canvas  by louisemead, £275.00
To give you an idea of what this looks like in fabric form I have pulled a sample from my stash to show off.  (You will need 48 2 1/2 inch squares for each block)
The constant will be the creamy off white for the 8 4 1/2 inch squares. Snow by Kona is what I used but anything comparable is great (the bella solid equivalent is off white) -- please use a solid.
Here is my initial block that I created for inspiration -- they will finish in the quilt at 16 inches square. I picked these big blocks because, I am shooting to have an over sized throw for my couch, big enough for snuggling and watching movies.
I was queen in the 3rd hive last month and the ladies did a great job on the blocks I have received so far (6/11) -- I can't wait to see what all fun you guys add to the grouping. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

City Sampler check in for September

If you missed it Michelle and I are supporting each other and a few other brave souls that have taken up the 100 modern block project from Tula Pink. 
Crayon Box Quilt Studio
My (lofty) goal was to make the 70 blocks for the layout that I want to make --  in time for Stash Bash (which is in a month). So let's see how I did this month and how many blocks I added to the 3 that I completed last month. (note to stay on track of one per day I needed to get to 40 blocks completed)
#4: block 9
#5: block 10
#6: block 11
#7: block 21
#8: block 22
#9: block 23
#10: block 27
#11: block 57
#12: block 63
#13: block 69
#14: block 72
#15: block 73

So this half month's progress is 12 blocks, meaning that I have completed 15 of 70 for the project. Meaning that I need to complete 2 block per day before Stash Bash, if I am going to have all the blocks made before hand and be able to assemble it during the retreat. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Orphans for adoption

Cynthia over at Quilting is more fun than housework is hosting an orphan adoption for projects and fabrics that are in need of new homes and she has invited us to link up and share the love as well. 
Quilting is more fun than Housework
In clearing out my sewing room I found a few things that need new homes. The way this will work is if you are interested in re-homing any of these items post a comment below with what you are interested in receiving and I will draw names and let the winners know early next week. (Due to shipping costs I am only opening this to US residents or people with US addresses.) So on to the items up for adoption. 
#1 -- Scrappy crossroads block and a pile of 2.5 inch squares to make more of these blocks (or another project) -- this was a sample for a bee and I decided to change colors after I made this one to colors more my style. 
#2 -- Accucut Snowflake -- this was intended to be a table topper or wall hanging but I know it isn't likely to get finished.0
#3 -- I started Bonnie Hunter's last mystery project and decided not to complete it when I saw all the pieces that it was going to require so these are the blocks from part 1 but could easily be turned into a mini or even baby quilt. 
#4 -- 13 paper pieced square in square blocks that i got from a block swap 
#5 -- 9 accuquilt kite blocks -- I went a little over board in making blocks for a mini quilt and these are the extras. 

If you would like any of these let me know which ones and I will be selecting winners early next week. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Labor Day weekend

Don't you hate it when you forget to click publish -- I've had this blog post ready for just under a week and realized today I never published it. I've decided to share it now even though several of these projects have seen some progress. 
I got a message on Friday that my mother's last living brother had passed away -- he was the youngest sibling and the jokester of the family. He had served his country in Vietnam and lived a challenged life as a result but always loyal to his friends and family. 

He had been battling throat cancer for several years and warded it off 3 times. He always said he was to stubborn for something like cancer to take him out and he was going to beat this thing. I had spoken with him about 2 months ago and he was doing well on the last round of radiation -- another win in the cancer battle. 

When talking with my cousin after getting the news of his passing, doctors had found a mass near his intestine about 6 weeks ago and told him there was nothing that could be done. He was 63. 

Uncle Darrell, you will be greatly missed. 
Aside from the funeral and other obligations I did manage to find some time in my sewing room to work on a variety of things that are in various stages of completion. 

Vintage Mini -- completed 
Kate Spain Jewel box -- top complete
T-shirt Quilt -- top complete
Accuquilt Mini #1 -- top complete
still working on Tula Pink blocks but I'll hold that progress till later this week for the link up. 

I also started pulling some fabric for swap projects -- my Schnitzel and Boo Mini quilt and a project for Mallory.

I am happy to have been able to spend some time back in my sewing room and think that my obligations to the car group will be changing in the next few months -- sewing is what makes me happiest and that is where my energy needs to be focused.