Monday, January 29, 2018

January wrap up since Tomorrow is a big day

I'm going to go ahead and do my January wrap up now since the rest of the month I will not be able. Tomorrow I go in to have my gallbladder taken out and I'm both nervous and excited -- it's been a long time coming. 

January was rather uneventful with the health stuff going on and I got my bee blocks finished in December, Sara really loved these pineapple blocks.
I did manage to get my 10th scrap basket completed and it's the white / low volume one. 
I worked on a new project -- the candy cats quilt that Kristie is hosting a sew along for online. I mean how could I resist making these cute cats when I saw all the others that were being made. Best news is all the fabric is from stash. 
The biggest news was getting my churn dash quilt top put together
it's been mailed out for quilting and I already have the binding in prep stage so that I will be ready to go once it comes back. 

I did buy backing for this quilt and an extra yard of fabric while I was at the quilt shop (+1.5) 

I had an outpouring of support from my post wrapping up 2017 and several people asking how they could support me in my journey this year. I wanted to let everyone know that I started a fundraiser and designed a shirt that's geared toward quilters (who doesn't love a good quilt themed shirt). The fundraiser is open until mid February and a portion of each shirt sold will be coming straight to me to help with these medical bills that will be rolling in any time. 
Katie's Chiari Journey Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
I'm planning a giveaway over on instagram for spreading the word that will be starting soon. On my @katies_chiari_journey account. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My Goal outline for 2018

As I mentioned in my earlier post I currently have 40 ongoing projects -- time for the quarterly link up so with the Finish Along group. 
-- 3 are in the binding phase (with Teri while she recuperates)
Swiss Cross 

-- 4 are in the ready for quilting phase 
Rainbow Strips 1 (this one will be getting long armed -- it's huge)
Bobba Fett Mini
AG Rainbow Geese
Kwik Evening Star

-- 7 are blocks or mostly completed tops
Tessellations Pillow
2016 Round Robin (Wonderland Theme)
2017 Round Robin (Cat Theme)
Double Stars
MMBB -- Oldest UFO 
Rainbow Strips 2
Chiari Churn Dash 

-- 7 are ready to be made into blocks and the fabric is cut 
White Scrap bin
Black Scrap bin
Grey Scrap Bin 
HST scrap project from Lee
Makers Tote
Kwik Mosaic quilt (half is already assembled into a top but then I decided it needed to be bigger) 
AG Selvage Strips project

--15 are in the fabric selected phase 
-- the final 4 are still waiting for fabric to be selected

I'm really going to focus on the top 21 names items in this list. With my goal for January, is to get some kind of sewing done each day and keep myself motivated with accomplishing things. As I finish things I may start dabbling with adding in more in progress items. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

2017 by the numbers and a few bits of news going into 2018

In 2017 I completed
13 Quilts and Minis
2 Tunics
12 Bins 
69 Pouches / Bags
3 monthly block bees
2 Traveling quilts

Sorry to have been away for so long everyone but there has not been a lot of sewing happening lately. You see I have been having some medical issues with headaches that were worse than migraines (i really didn't think there was such a thing) and trouble with keeping food in my system for very long.

I went to the doctor in October and after an ultrasound, i found out that I need to have my gallbladder removed. It's a pretty routine thing and I'm not to worried about the procedure -- more the anesthesia than anything and the gas pain afterward. 
Related image
I also had an MRI done and they found out that I have a condition called Chiari Malformation 1. To help alleviate these issues I will be having 2 surgeries in the upcoming weeks -- first the gallbladder then 6 weeks later I will be having a cranial decompression. 
Image result for chiari decompression
I don't know what this means for my 2018 sewing goals yet but I have plenty of things to keep me busy if I feel like sewing. I know that with the 2nd procedure I will be out of work for 6 - 8 weeks and I'd like to think that I will be up and sewing during much of that but I know the reality is I probably will not for most of it. 

I do know that my UFO list is extensive with 40 projects on it. I am still participating in the American Patchwork and Quilting Challenge this year but I am doing things a little different than the standard list of 12. With all these projects I have decided that I will chop up a copy of my master list and draw out project names each month, with the project number for that month being the item I set as my goal for the month (ie. if the number is 8, my goal project will be the 8th project I draw). I will repeat this process with each finish throughout the month. 
I am also going to keep linking up with the quarterly finish along to help keep me on track. 
Since I will be having some large medical expenses I will work hard to stick with fabric dieting this year and track fabric use more thoroughly since I kinda laxed up on that last year. I'm also planning a fabric destash over on instagram for later in January or early February to keep up the purging I have been doing in other areas of my home. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

As 2017 comes to a close what goals did I meet this quarter

It's time for the progress on the Finish Along goals for the end of 2017. I started the quarter with an unrealistic 48 projects --  however 13 items were intended for gifts and those really needed to be finished this quarter. 

Things that I did get finished and posted


Plus Side

2 rainbow scrap bins (orange, Pink)


6 charity quilts -- I took them to my guild and distributed them to ladies that can get them ready for donation 

Things I did not finish
Swiss Cross for Teri -- needs binding
Migration -- needs binding
Botanics Pendent Chevrons -- needs binding
Scrappy Rainbow Strips 1 -- needs quiltingKwik Evening Star -- needs quilting

Boba Fett Mini -- needs quilting

Alison Glass Geese Rainbow mini -- needs quilting
Double Star -- needs assembly and quilting

Moda Modern Building Blocks -- the oldest project -- needs assembly and quilting
Down the Rabbit Hole Traveling Quilt -- still deciding if it needs more added, then quilting
Triangle pillow or mini quilt from leftover tessellations blocks 
Makers Tote 

Kwik Mosaic Tiles -- half the blocks are completed and assembled


2017 Round Robin Quilt - needs addition and quilting
Scrappy Rainbow Strips 2 -- needs assembly
Scrappy Kittens -- need to make a bunch more, this will likely be my scrap project for 2018
Weekender Bag 
3 Tunics 
3 rainbow scrap bins Black, Grey and white/lv
2 Mini Sew Together Bag 
Sew Together Bag for Lisa 

Things in the Idea Phase -- When I need to start something new 
Squirrel Mini for Gina* 
Tula Pink Color Dive 
All Squared Up with Priory Square 
Broken Herringbone 
Anna Maria Horner Scrappy Quilt 
Metro Hoops 
Kandy Cat Quilt 
Project with Spirit Animal 
Happy Go Lucky Dutchman's Puzzle 
Jen Kingwell Holiday Pillow* 
Alison glass selvages project 

Oh well -- I'll give all these another go as we enter 2018 but 5 finished and 6 projects moved to another home is not that bad.