Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My Goal outline for 2018

As I mentioned in my earlier post I currently have 40 ongoing projects -- time for the quarterly link up so with the Finish Along group. 
-- 3 are in the binding phase (with Teri while she recuperates)
Swiss Cross 

-- 4 are in the ready for quilting phase 
Rainbow Strips 1 (this one will be getting long armed -- it's huge)
Bobba Fett Mini
AG Rainbow Geese
Kwik Evening Star

-- 7 are blocks or mostly completed tops
Tessellations Pillow
2016 Round Robin (Wonderland Theme)
2017 Round Robin (Cat Theme)
Double Stars
MMBB -- Oldest UFO 
Rainbow Strips 2
Chiari Churn Dash 

-- 7 are ready to be made into blocks and the fabric is cut 
White Scrap bin
Black Scrap bin
Grey Scrap Bin 
HST scrap project from Lee
Makers Tote
Kwik Mosaic quilt (half is already assembled into a top but then I decided it needed to be bigger) 
AG Selvage Strips project

--15 are in the fabric selected phase 
-- the final 4 are still waiting for fabric to be selected

I'm really going to focus on the top 21 names items in this list. With my goal for January, is to get some kind of sewing done each day and keep myself motivated with accomplishing things. As I finish things I may start dabbling with adding in more in progress items. 


  1. I love the blues and greens of the swiss cross quilt. Such pretty colors and design.

  2. Lots of cool projects - love the Boba Fett!

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  4. Your awesomeness NEVER disappoints!

  5. I'm in love with like all of your projects! My kids would go crazy for that Boba Fett mini! (I'm partial to the first two quilts, personally.) :)

  6. Good luck with accomplishing much on your list this year.

  7. Wonderful projects on your list, I think Migration is my favourite. Though those round robins are lovely, too! Thank you for joining us in the Finish-A-Long!

  8. Double stars and your round robin theme quilts are my favorites. I also love your design wall and sewing space. I hope you get everything done this first quarter that you wish for! I made my goals very realistic and feel good about how this challenge is going so far.

    Good luck!

  9. ooo - Migration and the rainbow strips catch my fancy so much!! Hey, Katie, do you already know about the 18 in 2018 at What a Hoot Quilts? It's a great supplement to this challenge, as the linkups are always open, so we can post an item accomplishment any time we achieve it, plus we can choose if we want to list 18 quilts or just 18 steps on fewer quilts.

  10. Your round robins are fantastic. You are in a fantastic group of quilters, and you are so talented as well. I am in love with your Bobba Fett Mini. Where did you get the pattern?