Monday, February 10, 2014

Tiny Beauties

Recently I participated in the 14th round of the Doll Quilt Swap on Flickr and you all saw my mini California Dreamin'  that headed off to Jen @ Quilter in the Closet. 

In watching the items in the swap, I had a few that I was so hoping were for me but there was one (two) that stood out in the group. Now I figured there was no way that these beauties would be coming my way because the quilter lived on the other side of the world . Well you can imagine my surprise when my husband calls me and says I have a package from New Zeland -- really I thought he was kidding me because he knew my obsession with certain minis in the group and I figured he was playing a prank on me. So I rush home and this is waiting for me.
I quickly opened it and the squealing started --- my partner was indeed Rebecca @ One Wee Bird and the received items were.... for lack of a better word AMAZING. She was super generous with her item and the extras she included and had nailed all the things that I was looking for from the swap. 
I Love these little pouches and am already putting them to use.
(Adorable and he knows it)
Rebecca initially had made this mini for me but had encountered an incident with the iron as she was finishing it. 

After much work to remove the iron stain she decided that she would also included the 1st mini in my parcel -- now you can't tell it was stained initially. 

Being the awesome partner that she is she decided to make another mini -- even though myself and several others in the group were insistent that the mini was excellent and should be sent -- the story made it more special. It had numerous offers for homes it could come to if she wasn't going to be sending it to her partner. 

The 2nd mini is also AMAZING but in a very different way -- more simplistic in design but beautiful handwork, and as a person that has no handwork skills I really appreciate the effort and time that goes into the process. 
I was still in shock and awe at receiving these items when my happiness suddenly changed to compassion and sorrow as I read the letter she had included. This is part of the reason that I have been putting off making this post --- out of respect for Rebecca. During the time that she was working on the swap. she had a great personal loss when her husband died suddenly in an accident. In reading her beautiful note the mini became even more special to me. 
I could not begin to tell you which mini, of the pair is my favorite because I love them in very different ways but one thing is certain, Rebecca is amazing and though we may never meet in person -- she is special to me and I will think of her often and hope for healing for her and her family during this difficult time. 


  1. Just lovely minis and quite touching.

  2. You will certainly treasure these items knowing the back story.

  3. wow... special minis indeed... that is amazing, and shows how much this crazy online world can mean to us all

  4. Oh my. How completely awesome of a gift package and so touching that she sent you such love in the midst of her tragedy.