Friday, February 7, 2014

Star Light Link up

My 2nd selection for fabrics are cut for the star light, star bright hosted by Melissa @ Happy Quilting --- I used fabrics from my stash again on this project and I was hoping to make a 3x3 layout with the 16 inch blocks. 
Apparently I took this photo before I cut the background fabric -- but I think it's going to be really cute and I am hoping that this will be a good item for a craft fair or baby shower gift. 
Well it turns out that my math skills aren't great (my guild mates hear this all the time) and I either miscounted the pieces of mis-measured the background fabric so I will only be doing a 2x2 layout without sashing -- or the sashing will be a different fabric. 
This week's assignment is to make the flying geese units. 
(Chain, chain, chain -- Jen that's for you! ;)
It was my first time using the no waste method and I really like it. Here are my results
Happy Quilting everyone -- It's not to late to join in on the sew along so pop on over and check it out. Next week is HST's and I know there is going to be a bunch of them. 


  1. Your flying geese look fantastic!! Great job on getting them all done. And sorry on your sizes changed mid way. No worries, it happens to all of us :) And yes, you are right, there are a whole bunch of HST"s looming ;)

  2. Nice flying geese. Great points.

  3. Great color choices! It's going to be a nice combination. I'm in that QAL but you're further along than I am.