Monday, February 24, 2014

got to hang out with 2 of my favorite quilters this weekend.

This weekend brought 2 fun days of quilting -- Saturday was the much anticipated feathers class with my sister and gal pal Kelly. It was AMAZING. I really learned a lot and know that this is a skill that I will need to work at for a while. We learned 4 types of feathers and so far my favorite is the easy feather and the hardest feather -- typical right. 
Kelly says the key is drawing it out and practicing so I invested in a sketch pad to hopefully be able to practice more with my shapes before returning to the cloth. 

Sunday was the final scout class with my buddy Teri and I am proud to say that the top is completed and the backing is coming together soon. (I ran out of the dark brown, needing only one more strip so another friend is bringing me some she has left over from another project). 
Not much other quilting happened this weekend so I know tonight is going to be busy with getting all my goodies worked on for the linkups happening throughout this week. I am thinking of combining them into one master post on Tomorrow or Wednesday so stay tuned for that -- otherwise it would be 4 mini posts and that seems a bit much. 


  1. Feathers look kinda difficult Good luck with your practicing.

  2. Any quilting motif comes more naturally if you get the 'pen to paper' down . I like to lump everything into one post for link ups if I can.