Wednesday, February 26, 2014

selecting something new

I have many projects that I want to do and more fabric that I need to at least get them started but I always seem to struggle with actually starting new projects. I'm not sure this is a real problem but I do like to have several projects going at a time so that I can work on what is inspiring me at the time. After my recent group of finishes I am ready to start thinking about what to start next because several of my current UFO's are nearing completion or are ongoing.

ongoing UFO's
  • gypsy wife along -- all year 
  • star along -- another month to go 
  • bible blocks (4 blocks to make -- 10 wrong size) -- oldest UFO
  •  unwind (quilt and baste)
  • Pink star (quilt and bind)
  • scout quilt (baste and quilt)
  • Rebecca's project -- needs more focus 
  • Bars of gold -- next Library project 
what to start next?

  • Wonky stars 
  • a large star 
  • Swoon 
  • Taffy

I also had a crazy idea of pulling a random magazine or book and just opening it at random to determine inspiration for something new. 


  1. I like that Taffy pattern and haven't seen a million of them around. I say start with that one!

  2. giant star. I made one when I wanted to start something new, but something quick. It was really fun.

  3. You funny! Love these all, but especially like Taffy in THAT fabrics!

  4. Ambitious! I vote for the giant star ! I made one with my own pattern, super fast and easy!

  5. I like the Taffy and the colors in that quilt.

  6. I made that Giant Star but need to figure out the quilting design. And I'm hoping to start my Swoon soon too. I need one more FQ to round out my fabrics.