Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow Kitties

My kitties love quilting. 
They have been a great deal of help during this snowy time in the south this past week. 
See they are making sure that projects are minded, held in place and I don't get lonely while quilting. 
Kahn and Nugget take quilt inspection very seriously. 

They ventured outside a little onto the roof overhang to make sure that the weather was still purrr-fect for quilting. 
Kahn says -- no thanks I will just look 
Hurley tried to have a Ralphie moment with the downspout. He loves the snow. 
Nugget was not a fan -- so much so that his neck disappeared.
And there is as always lots of this going on. 


  1. Your kitties are not used to the snow. So cute.

  2. You have THE best helpers! I was SO concerned that you might have nothing to do during these snow days but sit around and twiddle your thumbs! :P Our cat used to walk around on the roof some too.