Friday, July 4, 2014

JULY goals

Wow -- there are less than 6 months left in 2014 and that means that there is lots to do to get ready for those holiday projects and gifts. For me most of this will be waiting till next month because I have other things going on this month that are taking priority. 

Gypsy wife is basted and ready for quilting -- I had a helper of course. 
Along with this quilt I also have 2 charity quilts and my spider web quilt that are needing some FMQ love. 
I've got a secret pattern testing project to work on this month -- isn't this a lovely color pallet 
Before September I need to get Mason's quilt finished -- adding boarders (everything is cut and ready to be attached) then basting and quilting. 
I've signed up for another swap and am excited to work on this one for sure because my partner is awesome.
Then, I'll be starting on all those custom holiday orders and gifts. Luckily for me it's a holiday weekend and in another week and a half I will be taking some time off for a mini vacation with some day trips and lots of sewing!!

I've got several posts that I'm working on right now so stay turned for some finished projects and the reveal of my Schnitzel and Boo mini project that I recieved the other day -- hint -- it's awesome. 


  1. Your so good already thinking of xmas presents. I wish I had that kind of motivation!!! I can't wait to see what that fabric pull becomes :)

  2. Don't be starting the countdown to Christmas yet, please... At least not outloud very often. :) I covet that tone on tone red AMH fabric! LOVE your colors dor this pull!

  3. It looks like you have plenty to keep you busy.