Friday, July 11, 2014

Fabriholics Goals -- 7 months later

Well, it has been 7 months since I made my first post about the fabriholics anonymous challenge and the list of things that I wanted to accomplish during this time of not buying fabric. As you may have read here the fabric fast that turned into a diet may be a bit of a wash as far as purging fabric but I did manage to get many projects completed. So here's where I stand now on that initial list of projects and some other things that I managed to sneak in. (incomplete in Red
  1. Make a quilt for my bed -- done 
  2. gypsy wife -- ready to be quilted
  3. Scrappy Trip Along 
  4. Wonky Stars -- made a few for a charity project 
  5. x + quilt
  6. Scout quilt with Teri (here)-- completed and on my bed 
  7. churn dash quilt -- or large churn dash (here or here)
  8. work on Project Lotus
  9. Triangles quilt -- for Allison due in 2015 (here) -- done and I made a mini one as well
  10. Clam Shells (here) -- done and I will be working on a larger version soon
  11. giant star quilt
  12. Giant chevron 
  13. medallion Quilt -- in the works 
  14. New York Beauty
  15. Elven Garden Sampler (here)
  16. Swoon Quilt
  17. Steam Punk Quilt
  18. Pluses Quilt
  19. Taffy Quilt with Lee (here)
  20. Blooming Nine Patch or Split nine Patch
Ongoing projects in 2014
  1. finish Large Lazy Sunday -- done
  2. string blocks -- in progress
  3. charity quilts -- made 4 
  4. custom orders -- 6 in progress
In Addition I also completed 
  • Miller Challenge 
  • Schnitzel and Boo Mini Swap
  • Sound Garden -- scrap quilt
  • Jelly Roll Race 2 
  • large Crochet Kitty 
  • 5 Crochet Hippos
  • 10 pouches 
  • 12 valor Blocks for Kevin the Quilter
  • Strip search 
  • 2 Storm at sea projects 
  • another lazy Sunday quilt
  • 2013 Block of the Month from my LQS 
  • Doll Quilt Swap
I'm going to be linking up later this week with the 3rd qtr finish along with the Littlest Thistle. Some of these projects that are in the works and some of the ones that I didn't get to will be showing up again -- but I'm feeling pretty good about all the things that I have gotten completed so far this year. 


  1. I got a lot of tops done and two charity quilts. Not so good with the fabric fast.

  2. You should be really proud with what you have accomplished! It's not about what you didn't get's about what you did!

  3. You have been very accomplished in your sewing projects and your fabric is being put to excellent use ... looks like a win-win to me ... :) Pat

  4. Wow ... just wow! You have accomplished so much. I have sew mojo envy!