Thursday, July 10, 2014

Where I Sew

Pink chalk fabrics is having a month long celebration of where creative things are made and I'm linking up -- you all know how much I love spending time in my sewing room and it's time to show it off. 
My sewing desk. The book case houses all the current WIPs, patterns, books and precuts. 
The little brown drawers that were made by my grandfather, houses about half my fabric 
My cutting table and wall of rulers. The kitty is overseeing the current project that's on the design wall 
On the other side of the room is my FAB 6 foot ironing station -- with most of my beautiful minis hanging above. 
The rest of the fabric lives in the armior, three of those drawers are -- you guessed it more folded fabric. I'm thinking of replacing this with another book case to balance out the room better. 

Now as you may have read, I will hopefully be looking for a new house soon and moving to place that I can create a new and more awesome space from all those ideas I have building on pinterest. For now this is my happy place and I think it's pretty great.


  1. Your sewing space is pretty awesome! Your sewing cat is ridiculous, hehe!

  2. I liked your idea of hanging up the rulers. Now why didn't I think of that?

  3. What a cool space to sew and create! Thanks for sharing. I'll bet you just love that ironing board?

  4. As long as the space makes you happy, that is what counts.

  5. Great space :) Everything is so organized!