Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Early Anniversary Gifts

Dinky tin of bespoke chocolates
Hubs and I will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary on 8/8. I read online that candy and iron are traditional gifts for this anniversary -- candy is to represent the sweetness of the relationship and iron is to represent strength of the couple. We usually try to have fun with our gifts while sticking with tradition. 

Hubs got a new set of muffler tips for the other woman in his life (they look nice installed but initially I didn't get it either).

and of course he will be getting some sweets and other goodies on our actual anniversary. 

He knows he's a lucky man -- so in return he spoiled me. 
I picked it out on eBay and was able to arrange for a local pickup so I've actually had it a few days now because we drove to pick it up last weekend -- and if you follow me on instagram you have already seen it (I'm awful with secrets after all).  According to the serial number the machine is from January 22, 1948 -- that means that it's approximately 66 years old. 

This was the picture of the item from the listing
and Now. 
I fell I got very luck with this find -- other than the dusty film, needing a new light bulb and some small tweaking of the tension, he was ready to go straight away. I did add a little oil to be sure that all the parts remain lubricated.

I know it is typical to name featherweights -- they are babies after all, and this little guy doesn't have an official name yet but in this house he is known as the little prince. I figured this was fitting considering I call my Ruby, her majesty (esp when she is acting finicky).  I am going to message the seller and see if they know any of the background on this machine. 

We're planning a small trip this weekend to Asheville and the local modern quilt guild has a gallery show currently so I am excited about seeing that as well as visiting a local candy factory. I'll be sure to post more next week -- cause I am sure there will be some fabric purchasing happening at Asheville Cotton Company and maybe in Black Mountain at Carolina Foam and Fabric. 
Looks like I'm not the only one in love with the new addition. 


  1. Congrats on seven years of marriage! I hope you have a wonderful day! And congrats on the new sewing beauty!

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a great representation of iron, what could be better than a new, very old sewing machine? Yay.

  3. Oh lucky you. That is one fabulous gift. I'm still debating whether to buy one that I have access to. I like the new blog color but FYI the font is hard to read.