Thursday, August 21, 2014


Another of the inherited UFO projects I got from the guild was spiderweb blocks. I had never made spiderweb blocks before and had to make one more to put this wall hanging together. 
this goat was very curious as to what I was doing 
I have to say that I really enjoyed the process and look forward to making another spiderweb quilt in the future.  

This is another project to cross off the 3rd qtr FAL


  1. These are always so fun as they look so different with type of fabric and color. Great job.

  2. Very nice, I really like the color scheme

  3. this is beautiful! I have always wanted to make this block. Will have to get back on the list!

  4. Really nice. I like the colors in this one. And it is a good thing that goat didn't try to taste the quilt. I'm sure he wouldn't have cared and made it his lunch.