Monday, August 11, 2014

July quickly became August and that's quickly slipping away

For some reason July didn't seem very productive to me and that's probably because I didn't actually finish any projects -- I worked on stuff, though most of it I wasn't able to share just yet. Secret sewing and swap sewing has perks but not the instant gratification of being able to share it right away. Many of my goals are carry overs but there are a few new things added since I have signed up for a few more swap and blog hop opportunities. So here goes another list as August is quickly slipping past me. 

To bind --- 
  • twin charity quilts 
  • Mason's quilt (due 9/16) 
To Quilt and then bind -- 
  • Sister thing swap item (due 9/1) 
  • Gypsy Wife 
To Baste, Quilt and then Bind --
  • Medallion Quilt 
To Make -- 
  • Mom's Apron (due 8/29)
  • Guild Pillow Swap (due 9/23) 
  • Rush Hour blog Hop item (due 9/30)
  • Kitty Mini Quilt Swap item (due 10/1)
  • Commissioned Halloween Quilt (due 10/1) 
  • Commissioned Thanksgiving Quilt (due 11/1) 
  • Commissioned Christmas Quilt (due 12/1) 
  • Commissioned Grandma's Clothes Quilts x2 (due 12/1) 
Asheville was fun this weekend but that didn't lend itself to getting much accomplished off this list -- perhaps next weekend (and the one after) I will just have to lock myself in my sewing room and only come out for necessities. 

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  1. I sew understand. I haven't gotten as much done so far this summer as I originally planned but I'm not trying to focus better and get some of them crossed off my list.