Friday, June 7, 2013

Fun new project and Fun new People

I my post earlier this week I teased that I was working on a new charity quilt and here she is .... but she has no name yet. Sad I know because how can such a pretty girl not have a name -- I'm taking suggestions. 

Also I attended a work training this week and we so proud of myself for not loosing my temper with the older less computer savvy individuals that were delaying our progress so when we got out a little early yesterday I treated myself to a trip by The Little General. 

Isn't it cute how they wrap up your purchase-- and a bonus string for quilting. 

Look at my beautiful goodies -- the large floral and the stripe might become a pouch in the near future. 

Candy Crush is all finished and I found a new place to take pictures of quilts and projects.

So here's some other exciting news -- I'll be partisipating in this fun blog hop designed for newer bloggers that starts tomorrow. Check out some of these fun bloggers.  

Plum and June

Here is the full list of participants: 

Post on or by Friday, June 7th
Nancy @
Amy @
Ashley @
Casey @
Nanette @
Ange @
Kim @
Erica @

Post on or by Friday, June 14
Julie @
Melissa @
Adrianne @
Molli @
Laura @
Sarah @
Kelly @
Cari @
Valerie @

Post on or by Friday, June 21
Leigh Anne @
Stacey @
QuiltCandyGirl @
Jackie @
Liz @
Erica @
Stephanie @
Lauren @

Post on or by Friday, June 28
Green @
Gwendellyn @
Jessica @
Amira @
Kathy @
Michelle @
Paula @
Kris @
Camilla @

Post on or by Friday, July 5
Christa @
Alyce @
Anna @
Rachel @
Stephanie @
Kristy and Shayla @
Caroline @
Lisa @

Post on or by July 12

Post on or by July 19
Karen @
Kathy @
Katie @ ---- that's me 
Alison @
Sarah @
Ella ad Nesta @
Adrienne @
Nicole @

Post on or by July 26
Vicki @
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Elizabeth @
Jenny @
Lorna @
Sonia @
Emily @



  1. Nice to make your acquaintance! Love your photo site. Your quilts are so happy and colorful!

  2. I believe the name for your quilt should be "Kelly's". Just rolls off the tongue!

  3. Awesome!!! Your quilt makes me want dessert. Like Strawberry Shortcake or Banana Split or Pineapple Upside Down Cake. I have not explanation as to why. Maybe I'm hungry. I can't wait to find out what you name her!