Tuesday, June 25, 2013

first half nearly gone

It's officially 6 months till Christmas as of today -- where's 2013 going.

There are many goals for the 2013 year still waiting for me but I'm doing well with keeping on track. I am starting to look at fall craft events and hoping that the events are better than the others that I have done so far. I did the event in Yadkinville again this past weekend and now have a custom quilt to design and am looking forward to that because it's for two very artistic people. I got my base fabric at Sewingly Yours today and hope to start on the design phase soon. The couple is thinking of a large star pattern and I'm thinking of using the one designed by the fabulous May Chappell., or if they want something more streamline perhaps the Mad Plaid from Liberty Love  or a blooming nine patch. They have a beautiful New York Beauty style hanging behind the bed and this needs to compliment it. I am awaiting feedback on some of the pictures I sent in for consideration and can't wait to get started.

NO huge progress on the other UFO projects waiting in my room other than surprise one that I will post about later.  I've almost finished my Coin quilt and want to finally finish quilting a few other projects this weekend.

Happy Quilting

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