Friday, June 14, 2013

What shall we call her?

So recently I posted a picture of a quilt I was having trouble coming up with a name for and I got many good ideas both through the blog and through the quilter's group on Facebook. So here are the options I have narrowed it down to.
Mango Tango Dreams
Fruit Salad Confetti
Calypso Carnival
La Nouba Experiance

4 options which one striks you as the best name for this quilt -- binding will be the same blue as the background

Partisipants in the Let's Get aquainted Blog Hop this week are :


  1. Calypso Carnival (but I adore the La Nouba photo)!

  2. I was leaning toward Calypso Carnival until I Googled La Nouba. When I saw Cirque de Soleil's definition; "La Nouba is the story of all stories, the site of all mysteries, where dreams and nightmares sleep side by side," it really grabbed me. It pretty much describes my relationship with half square triangles.