Monday, November 3, 2014

I knew that I could do it, I knew it, I knew it!

And indeed I did!!

OK, enough with the show tunes -- I swore last week that I would accomplish something this weekend and the results are pretty great. 2 finishes that are ready to ship, a commission quilt that is only needing binding, the pair of commission quilts that are coming along.

  • finishes -- Hogwarts swap 
  • and IG Mini Swap 
  • Thanksgiving quilt just needs binding attached 
  • Grandma's clothes (2 quilts) -- waiting to make the smaller circles or another pair of large ones depending on what the customer decides. These tops will either be two large circles each or a large and 2 small circles.

  • I worked on getting backing together for Rush hour and a charity quilt that I forgot was in my pile -- I hope to at least baste these this week 
  • I'm still waiting on more blocks for the charity challenge quilt -- hopefully I get those today. 
  • Medallion quilt still sits waiting to be quilted --- after the thanksgiving quilt I didn't have the energy to wrestle another one under the needle and my machine was acting up, bending and breaking needles. 

  • I spent some time playing in my stash and transferring the yardage onto comic boards and refolding the smaller cuts so that I will be better able to see what all I do have and enjoy it. 

Some things that I did not work on this weekend 
-- Christmas Quilt (early/mid December)
-- Disney Swap (early January) -- I did buy fabric for it though
-- Baby Quilt Commission (Mid January) 
-- Bitches stitches swap (March 2015) 
-- Scrappy Trip along Blocks
-- Bible Studies blocks 

I hope that this is a slower week and that I am able to spend a little time each night in the sewing room and will be able to keep up this momentum -- who knows you guys may get another blog posting out of me this week. 


  1. I'm curious about the pattern for the mini - so cute. I have never seen a needle bent like that - oh, my.

  2. The cupcakes look amazing!! :) So happy the recipe worked for you!! <3 Happy Baking!

  3. oh yum! My birthday is May 11th, hint hint! I love the pillow!

  4. Your IGminiswap is awesome!! And your Hogwarts one is pretty cool too!

  5. What are comic boards and where do you get them? This looks like a good way to handle stash.

  6. Yeah to you for getting so much accomplished. I hope that continues for you.