Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kitty Mini Received

So you all saw that awesome Kitty Mini that I sent to Rita (I mean Krista) right? It was so much fun putting that one together and I anxiously awaited to see what glory would be heading my way -- and let me tell you Modern Stitchin Mama did not disappoint.
She put all my babies names on there and incorporated so many awesome pink fabrics, I love it and couldn't  wait to get it hung up.

She sent some excellent goodies that the kitties and hubby claimed rather quickly.
And then that rascal Kahn O'Malley tried to lay claim to the mini.
Seriously Kahn that is not for you
We all love swapping and this mini, and now we have another instagram and bloggy friend. 


  1. Very cute and those are some awesome goodies she added in. Lucky you.