Friday, July 10, 2015

3rd Quater goals in place

Since last quarter was not very productive I am carrying many of my goals over and I will not be doing nearly as many swaps going forward. I really want this quarter to be about finishing up somethings that have been around for a while (or things that I have been putting off starting) so that I can refocus and start some new stuff. 

I'm linking up with Adrianne over on the windy side to see what progress I can make with these goals. 
  • Continue to keep up with making bee blocks and make a few more kaleidoscope blocks for my quilt. -- This won't be a finish the quarter since I am still in 2 bees and my last round as queen is in October. 

  • Complete the Blue Strings Quilt -- my Dad's birthday is in a short 2 weeks and all I have currently is a quilt top

  • Complete my Scrappy Trip Along Quilt 

  • Complete Moda Modern Building Blocks 
  • Complete the Medallion Quilt -- sending it out for quilting since I know I won't be able to manage this one on my own and not hurt myself, again. 

  • Quilt Rush Hour -- maybe, I've nearly lost interest in this quilt so I may pass it along to someone to turn into a charity quilt or 2. 
  • Accuquilt Block Mini 
  • Swoon Quilt with Rock N Romance
  • Lucky 21 

  • Katie Spain Jewel Box Quilt 
  • Pixelated Heart with Cotton and Steele mini charm pack
  • vintage mini quilt top
  • Tessellations 

  • Quilted Seat Covers or a car quilt for my new 1994 Civic
  • Tula Pink's City Sampler -- planning to start in August, so I know this won't be finished. I've tried to work on this one multiple times before but never seem able to really get moving on this one, hopefully this time it will take.
  • Pouch swap for the guild -- due at the August meeting
  • Work on the Triad 86 quilt for my husband -- I would like to finish this by his birthday in September
  • Make a few more of the 1 Hour Baskets 
  • Commission t-shirt quilt for a coworker -- due late November
  • Rainbow tumbler quilt 
20 Goals and only 3 months -- some I know won't be completed and a few might not get started but if I have at least a few finishes I will be happy with my progress.  (Realistically, If  I really focus I could finish 10-12 of these). 

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