Monday, July 6, 2015

June Sewing and Stashing

June started slow enough and the heat is getting really hard on me here in NC. I'm back to sewing but I am trying to take things slow so that I will not end up back in that lovely hand brace. I can tell that my hand is getting stronger and I know before to long I will be back at it 100%.

This month I started a new and awesome project when I went to a workshop with Kathleen Baden to learn how to make Alison Glass' Tessellations quilt. I've had this pattern since I went to the AG trunk show 9 months ago and I probably could have figured things out on my own but I really needed that motivation of a workshop to at least get things started. I figured out what fabric I wanted on the back and bought this lovely voile from Trailer Stash Fabrics when they came to the guild meeting a few months back -- 3 yards pulled for use. 
For the front I decided that I would start in my stash and pull out all the things that I had on hand and see what I needed to add in as I started to put things together -- and as you can see I had a wonderful helper, demanding the inclusion of more orange.

Well. the pattern calls for 25 fat Quarters but I kept pulling and ended up with around 30+ fabrics some fqs, some large scraps and some half yards -- an estimated 9 yards of fabric. 

The first blocks are coming together and I'm excited to see where this quilt will end up as I keep making more of it -- this surely won't be the last time you see this quilt. 
I did get my bee block made for this month  -- half a yard used 
I'm queen bee in one of the hives this month and the lady in hive 3 is MIA -- so only one block to make. These 2 were 6 month hives and a lot of fun to participate in, the other hive will be all year. 

We went to Greenville for Father's day weekend --so you all know that means that no sewing happened. It also means no fabric purchased because there aren't any good shops in that area.

I did buy solids for a quilt that I will be making to represent the different members of the Triad 86 car group. (+8 yards ) 
I did some minor sewing through the end of the month and attended a sew in but all these projects are still in the WIP pile, which means they will be going on the goals list for the upcoming quarter. 

I finished up the month with having bought 8 yards and with having pulled / used 12.5 yards. So put that with last month's totals and I am sill in the positive 72.5 yards for the year. 

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  1. At least you didn't go crazy and totally ruin the progress you have made so far.

    Do you want to start prepping for our joint project soon?