Thursday, June 18, 2015

Alison Glass Swap

Swap number 10 for 2015 is in the book and this time it was all about one of my favorite designers Alison Glass. Now as you may recall I met Alison at a small trunk show that she was doing at a quilt shop a few hours away from me and she was delightful.

So my partner for this swap was Amy Verne @amybob3kids, and she really loves the handmades -- which I had none of so a quick trip to Mary Joe's was in order and I was all set up. She also likes stars so I elected to make her this mini. 

Throw in a few extras and you have yourself a swap package.

In return I received from Tricia @mothersneedle 

What a lovely Mini -- learning to do cathedral windows is on my quilting bucket list so I love it. she even threw in some fun goodies.

This marks all my swaps for the first part of 2015 completed and for now I don't have any more lined up. I have decided to take a few months off from swapping and focus on completing things that I have been wanting to do for a while. Not being able to quilt last month really helped to remind me how much I love it and with the summer heat here I know I will not be spending lots of time outside. 

There has been lots going on with the civic project but I haven't made any headway with the seat covers so I am moving that up on the priority list. I have 2 bees that are ending this month and one that goes through the remainder of the year so getting back to me sewing will hopefully be easier -- perhaps the 3rd quarter will be more productive than this one. 


  1. Very nice, both the mini you sent and the one that you received. Enjoy your quilting time.

  2. Both are lovely quilts, a very successful swap and lovely finish too. I'm helping Adrianne with the FAL and I'm to also say that I am visiting as part of the FAL Cheerleading Team.