Monday, July 6, 2015

Piggy Bank Challenge Reveal

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So, a year ago I linked up with Valerie for her 2nd annual Piggy Bank Challenge and my goals were --
  • Save money by using my fabric stash 
  • save money for a big trip
  • Get a Featherweight 

My outcome was pretty good and I even dipped into the fund a few times for some things I will tell you about below. 
  • in coin savings I have $459 -- these are only the coins that made full rolls the rest will stay in the jar as a start for next years totals. 
  • in paper savings I have $645 
  • I had some online savings in my paypal as well but those have currently been depleted. I had been using it for when I sold fabric or craft supplies or had client payments and making my online purchases from it. About a month ago, I made an online purchase from a fabric store and somehow my paypal got linked to the family ebay - instead of the family paypal and my reserve is gone. (This would have been an additional $150 - 200). 
My splurges that came out of the money pot 
  • at my birthday last year I took out some cash and bought some the Anna Maria Horner line Folk Song and a few other lovelies that I had been wanting 
  • I got a featherweight off ebay from a local person (my friend found me a 2nd one) and I paid to have them both serviced 
  • I pulled money again a few months ago for a shopping trip Elegant Stitches after my husband bought me a groupon for the store -- and they happened to be having an end of bolt sale that same weekend. 
  • I paid for my trip to Stash Bash -- and my traveling / spending money for while I was there. 

Now about savings through fabric use from my stash. While I have bought fabric, and last year I didn't do a great job of keeping up with my intake and use, I can honestly say that my stash is at least 100 yards lighter than this time last year. I have been keeping track this year and since January I have been running in the positive and am over 70 yards lighter as of the end of May. 

I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to do with the saved money yet but there are quite a few fabric lines that I saw photos of from quilt market that I have my eye on -- Tiger Lilly by Heather Ross, Eden by Tula Pink, Canyon by Kate Spain and Ex Libras from Alison Glass. -- but I usually wait for the line to come out so I can determine what I really want before jumping straight in.

In a years time I managed to save up $1,104 (nearly the cost of my "new" civic) without my husband even knowing I was doing the challenge -- He was quite surprised when I told him about the challenge and the outcome. He was excited about this idea and wants to help me next year to see how well the two of us can do together -- maybe we will make it a contest.


  1. Whoo hoo for you! And you now have not one but two featherweights? I'm jealous. Congrats to you for a job well done.

  2. Wow, you are a savings champ! Great score on the featherweights too. Proof that goals get you to the finish line!

  3. I update my post and yes, my husband and I make it a household fun!!! WIth that said we are BOTH totally impressed with your savings!!!!'re inspiring me in my own challenge!!! Seriously, I'm already thinking how I can double my savings this coming year!! PS GOing to check out some of those fabric how colorful they are!!

  4. My goodness, I think you are the savings champ! Great work, enjoy all the rewards!

  5. Okay, hands down - you won this challenge by a landslide! Great job in saving and what wonderful purchases!

  6. A fantastic job at saving. Now I see I have to step it up (personal challenge). You have inspired me and I know I can DO IT! Congratulations!!!

  7. Wow, an impressive amount of change to collect over a year.

  8. Wow, you've inspired me. I just might join the challenge this year. Since both my hubby and I currently have been unable to find full time work, penny pinching is a must for any possible splurges.