Tuesday, April 28, 2015


First off it was ................ FE-NOMINAL 

We played a fun ice breaker that involved swapping fat qtrs --  I brought these new ones home. 

We had a secret swap that involved 2 packages. My sister that I made for was Brittnee Ransome @heart_stitches.

here's her day 1 package -- this package was delivered in secret. I still haven't figured out if that is a large mug rug or a small mini quilt but she did display it on the wall for everyone to see. 
but the quilting on it came out great 
Since I have a tendency to overdo it -- I ended up with a 3rd package for her so I slipped it in between the other 2. She loves Halloween fabrics.
the second package was the one that we delivered -- letting our partners in on the secret -- I finally got it all in one package. 
Al wrapped up 
all spread out -- this was my first mini sew together and I will be making another one (or 5) soon. 
and I'm in love with the inside -- another rainbow.
So what was Brittnee's reaction 

I was spoiled by the fabulous Sarah @sarahksews  and she showed how well she got to know me with these lovelies.

Day 1 was all about snacks and goodies 
Day 2 was all about handmade items. 
She's cute -- and now you all know why I don't usually do selfies. 

There was lots of laughing and talking and sewing. There were so many fun people -- both new friends and old friends that I got to know that I can't wait to see again. 

Oh I did mention we actually worked on some stuff too.

Made a few Moda Modern Building Blocks, finished a bee block and put together my Accuquilt block (it needs a little white added and a boarder of grey). 
Fully assembled my dad's string quilt (again it needs a boarder). 
I started working on the blocks for my Kate Spain Jewel Box Quilt -- I'm nearly 2/3 done with the first step of sewing. 

I didn't get to work on Lucky 21 or Swoon -- I started having some swelling issues with my feet so I couldn't go full force or all night like some ladies did but I am pretty happy with everything as a whole from my first retreat experience.

Oh and Mr Pink was a huge hit -- see instagram for more photos. He even has his own hash tag now #adventuresofmrpink
I also need to put out another big thanks to the awesome sponsors that made our giveaways and goodie bags so awesome. 
That's quite a bit of swag Mr Pink 
Some cool fabric I won from Bari J and a free Craftsy class. 

 What a wonderful time -- I can't wait till we all get together again and next year it's in Nashville but there is talk of a fall retreat back in Georgia later this year. 


  1. Oh boy that does sound like a blast. Too bad it was so far from me. I'm really thinking that I need to organize something like that in my neck of the woods.