Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rainbow Swap -- #rainbowteamorange

Since I am all about swaps, sometimes I get paired up with people that I have been admiring for a while and this time I got paired up with Carrie Hanson of Gotcha Covered Quilting. I know that she has great taste and is super generous as she is often one of the sponsors in swaps that I have been in -- so if you haven't checked out her awesome shop you probably should head on over there (once you finish reading of course). 

So, now that I knew who my partner was my initial idea of doing a color block and then fancy smancy quilting was thrown out the window. 
I didn't feel that either of these options were really where I wanted to go with this mini, even though I still really liked the one on the left. 

Now it was time to regroup and do another fabric pull to see where this mini was headed. 
Well sometimes the back up and punt turns into something spectacular and I am really happy with the outcome. 
I got to use my accuquilt and a die that I had been wanting to use for a while and I felt that she would really love the outcome -- and guess what, so did she!!
Extras were all about rainbows too. 

Now it's time to wait and see what I receive -- I'll be putting all my received packages together in a big post once the four of them arrive by mid April.  


  1. How cute! I do like both of your options. I just got my Accuquilt this week and am trying to decide on a first project. Which die did you use?