Thursday, April 9, 2015

2nd qtr goals

So in keeping with my tradition of linking up and setting unrealistic goals for my self I am once again linking up with Adrianne over on the windy side to see if my goals can become more reality in the next quarter. 

Last Quarter I was able to accomplish 9 of my 27 goals -- most of these were swaps and I do have a few more of those coming up but I am really going to try and focus more on things I need to finish up and working on things that I want to this time around. 

My carry over / started and ongoing goals are 
  1. Continue to keep up with making bee blocks and make a few more kaleidoscope blocks for my quilt. 
  2. Complete the Blue Strings Quilt before Father's Day
  3. Complete my Scrappy Trip Along Quilt 
  4. Complete Moda Modern Building Blocks 
  5. Quilt the Medallion Quilt (hello old friend -- currently my oldest UFO)
  6. Quilt Rush Hour
  7. complete the swap items for the swaps I've already committed to -- 
    • Spring Fling Mini (due 4/21)
    • Stash Bash Sister Swap (due 4/23) 
    • One Hour basket (June 5th)
    • Alison Glass Mini (due 6/15)  
    • Viva La Villains (due 7/15)
    • Harry Potter Mini (due September)
My new / not started goals are 
  1. A tote bag for me -- to take to Stash Bash
  2. Make my Accuquilt Block -- a project for Stash Bash 
  3. Swoon Quilt with Rock N Romance -- I will be starting this one at Stash Bash in a few short weeks. 
  4. Make one of the 4 patterns from Lisa Alley that have been waiting patiently -- one or more of these may head with me to Stash Bash 
  5. make an infinity scarf 
  6. Lucky 21 is another project I will be starting at Stash Bash but it looks like things will go together quickly.
  7. All Squared UP 
  8. Katie Spain Charm Project 
  9. Pixelated Heart with Cotton and Steele mini charm pack
  10. Mod POP or Metro Rings with the Quick Curves Ruler 
  11. vintage mini quilt top 
  12. Another Mini Sew together bag and perhaps try my hand at making a larger one. 
  13. Jen Kingwell's State Fair 
  14. Project for the Cat Nap fabric
  15. Tessellations -- I am doing a workshop in June for this one so a completion on this quilt may be a little less than realistic at this time. 
  16. Quilted Seat Covers for my new 1994 Civic 
  17. Pattern testing for The Littlest Thistle (Due 6/5)
  18. Tula Pink's City Sampler -- After I finish up MMBB
Well at least we can see that I have reigned in on what projects I really want to work on this quarter (hahaha) -- 30 different things. Several of them have deadlines so I know that will be helpful and I am really excited to see what I can accomplish at Stash Bash later this month and throughout the quarter. 


  1. As usual you have one very long list of goals. I hope you accomplish a lot. I've been thinking that I might want to make a city sampler too but may continue to brew that idea for a while yet.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of projects! Nine of 27 is 33%, and if you did that again this quarter, that would be 16 or 17 projects not even halfway through the year! Pretty good, I'd say! (Very pretty projects, btw, especially that Dresden mini.)