Friday, April 3, 2015

1st qtr recap and link up

2015 Finish-Along

Back at the beginning of the year I linked up my lofty Quarterly goals with Adrianne over at The Windy Side, so now it's time to link up again and see how I did with all those goals. 

  • Complete Rush Hour -- still needing to be quilted 
  •  Find a Project to use my Cat Nap fabric -- not yet hoping to before the retreat in April 
  • Swoon Quilt using Rock N Romance -- I have plans to work on this at the stash bash retreat in April. I have made progress in that I got the background fabric but none of the blocks have been made at this time. 

  • Tula Pink's City Sampler -- not started but one of my friends and I are planning to start this in the next few months, once we complete the MMBB.

  • Make another Sew together bag -- I've actually made 3 (here, here and here)
  • Keep up with the Bee Blocks -- right on track and I'm ready to whip up this month's blocks this weekend 
  • Blue string block quilt for Father's day -- all the blocks are finally made and ready to be assembled. It's going to be 120 blocks when assembled, the picture below shows when I had about half the blocks made. 
  • Make at least one of the many patterns that I have from my friend Lisa Alley -- didn't get around to it, this might be another Stash Bash project or 2. 
  • Disappearing Hourglass -- completed 
  • Complete the Scrappy trip along quilt -- most of the blocks are complete, only 6 more to go till I have all my initial ones completed. 
  • Make at least one plushie from this pattern -- nope 
  • Lucky 21 is another project I will be taking to Stash Bash -- still resisting the urge to buy Cherie yardage.
  • Still working on my Moda Modern Building Blocks 

  • Pattern test for @the_littlest_thistle this will be for my Villains Swap partner as her main item. 
  • I'm also still working on Sewing My Stash, so far this year I am 45.5 yards lighter in my stash -- If I hadn't been adding back I would be over 130 yards lighter (but a girl's got to have a hobby right). 

As usual Happy Quilting Everyone. 


  1. Love your bag too. My list for Q2 doesn't look so big, now I've seen your list. ;)

  2. You have lots of fun projects to work on--have fun staying on track!