Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sew together #4

The Sew together bag seems to go together easier each time that I make one -- except that pesky outer zipper, I am pretty confident in making them and this time I didn't even break a needle. 

Since everyone enjoyed the last sew together bag that I made I thought I would share my latest one that I put together (in a rather hurry) for Blossom Hear Quilts

Alyce is one of those people that I feel if I knew her in person we would just hit things off. She mentioned that she really wanted a sew together bag for Quilt Con but didn't have time to make one before her transatlantic journey. Well I'm not going to Quilt Con but I know a few people that are so I asked my friend -- May Chappell if she would be willing to do the hand off for me.

I whipped up this lovely bag -- that I nearly kept and Lee wanted to steal. 
front -- Tula Pink, Cotton and Steele, Grunge and Tim Holtz.
The very brightly colored inside -- where Bonnie and Camille came to the party. 

Well I know that she was really excited about the bag from the feedback I got on instagram -- and it's a good thing cause I know at least 4 other people that would have been more than happy to give this little bag a good home. I hope that she really loves it once it arrives in Austin later this week. 


  1. It turned out great just as the others have. You've become an expert at making those.

  2. BEYOND thrilled with it! I had plenty of offers to take it off my hands too ;) Thank you so much once again xx