Monday, February 2, 2015

Schnitzel and Boo round 3 and an update on my Bitches get Stitches

I love meeting other quilters but to me there is something special about finding a new quilter (or in this case quilters) that lives near you. Usually in swaps it seems that I am sending my items to the other side of the country -- I already have a list of people that I would love to meet if I ever make it out to Utah, Nevada and California. This time for the Schnitzel and Boo Swap I got paired up with another Carolina Girl -- and she goes to school where my in-laws live, and doesn't live that far from where my featherweight came from. I was paired with Kayleigh Jewell (@kayleighanne84) -- the bonus is that I already had loved her mother (karie jewell) for some time so in a way it was like making for family. So I made Kayleigh a friendship star circle with her favorite bright colors and this owl fabric that I had been holding onto for some time. 
Of course I threw in a bunch of extras (but I get so excited about the packaging that I forgot to take pictures). I also had to put together a care package for mama Jewell, since without her Kayleigh wouldn't have signed up for the swap -- and I wouldn't have gotten all the help I needed in putting this together.

I packed this little box very full. 

Well here's the outcome. 

So, what did I get in return? ...

MY return package came from @sewKatieJean. She sent me a mini using some great Alison Glass fabrics and a few great goodies. 

I haven't found a home for this one yet, since I was at the guild meeting last night but I'm sure I will this weekend. 

I also wanted to send out a huge thanks to @joaniessweetstitches for my Bitches Get Stitches swap package. 
My Awesome mini hangs right inside my sewing room door. 
Some great extras. I mean seriously look at that adorable orange kitty pillow -- too cute. 

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  1. Very nice, both what you sent and what you received. Happy mail is always awesome to get.