Friday, January 30, 2015

My Bee Blocks

So I have decided to have everyone one in my 3 bees this year make the same blocks in the same colors so that I will have a large quilt in the end. I am going to be sticking with the Kaleidoscope blocks that are paper pieced. (I hope to have my sample block made later this weekend but wanted to give everyone a chance to get started or ask questions as needed.)

To get the templates you will need to go here -- you will need 8 copies total. once these are printed out they should measure 6.5 inches when including the seam allowance. (my computer was being stubborn so I had to copy the image into MS word to print it because it kept cutting the sides off and wouldn't print the size correctly). 

When 4 units are sewn together they make a 12.5 inch block but for ease of shipping and so that I will be able to mix the blocks together I am asking that the blocks be left as 8 units and that the paper remain on the block. (it would be helpful if you wrote your name or Flicker name on the back as well)

So now that you know what I would like for you to make, let's talk about colors. I LOVE Alison Glass (I've met her and she's delightful) and when I was in Virginia not to long ago I picked up a piece of her Field Day collection and I decided that this was the piece that I wanted to base my color pallet off of for the Kaleidoscope quilt. (I really should have gotten more of this print because it's so lovely)

For the neutrals I would like for people to stick with low volume whites, white on whites, or lighter to medium grey and low volume fabrics that read as grey. (it's ok to use more than one neutral fabric on each block) Now for the prints I went for brights and pulled out things that compliment the AG fabric. (again multiple colors are great) The overall quilt will be called natures Kaleidoscope, so I also used that concept as my inspiration (from my stash I pulled all these fabrics and didn't have to go to the yardage section -- I may have a fabric collecting problem). 
There is of course some Alison Glass in there but also many of my other favorites -- Anna Maria Horner Ture Colors, Joel Dewberry. Grunge, Henna Garden, Dimples, Waterford Park, Kate Spain, ect. 

When selecting fabrics, try to stick with brights and moderns if possible. I'm not opposed to use of batiks when mixed with other fabrics -- please no 30's repro prints, character prints,  or Civil war fabrics. 

Happy Quilting everyone and I can't wait to see the blocks that you all make -- the Wee Bee Learning group is my first hive making for me so I'm super excited to see what everyone comes up with. The overall quilt will be made from block from all 3 bees. 

Anyone that hasn't paper pieced before check out this tutorial -- I'm hoping since the pieces are larger this will help build your confidence in paper piecing (and not make you hate me forever).


  1. Woo Hoo. My favorite block, the Kaleidoscope Now off to the sewing room to try and match those colors of that fabric.!

  2. Woo Hoo. My favorite block, the Kaleidoscope Now off to the sewing room to try and match those colors of that fabric.!

  3. So far no luck getting the block to the correct size. Will take it to work on Monday and try the 110% suggestion.

  4. This will be fun to watch come together.

  5. lovely block to pick. you will get a nice variety from all three bee's :)