Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Disney swap

I sent my package off to West Australia to go live with Louisa @loubeelou76 -- she didn't have any real specific interests but liked some of the older Disney things from her childhood and she likes things more pastel that I am accustom to working with. I found a lovely Snow White Dwarf's fabric and instantly knew that this was the fabric I would base things off of. I wanted to try something different with the piecing so I turned to my accuquilt and this was the result. (I Bound it in Red but those pictures didn't turn out well) 
I found some Disney themed and other US goodies that I thought she would like.
She notified me that the package has been received. 

So when it comes to swaps I can't decide which I like better the making or the receiving. Waiting is so hard for me but this time I had another awesome partner Helga @qallieq and my package was brimming with all things Alice in Wonderland and I love all of it.
Some super awesome packaging 
The front of my awesome mini -- LOVE it!!!
And the back -- SQUEEEEE
All the extras are awesome and surprisingly they were all new to my rather extensive Alice in Wonderland collection -- Great job Helga. 
There are many more swaps coming up this month and in the next couple but I'm also working on some fun stuff for me and in preparation for The Stash Bash -- which is in just around 90 days.