Wednesday, January 7, 2015


OK, It's no secret that I LOVE swaps -- I'm a self proclaimed swap addict. One of the exciting things about swaps is learning about the person that you are making for and getting a really good idea about what to make for them so that they will love it. One of my peeves is getting a partner and it appears that they have little to no information about themselves or better yet they want you to make whatever you like -- this throws my anxiety through the roof. 

I feel that it is important to provide my swap partners with lots of information so that they will have a good grasp of the things that I like and the things that are just not my style. My fellow swappers know that in filling out the forms there are always questions that come up each time regardless of the swap theme. I actually have my answers saved from some previous swaps to help me fill in the form more efficiently but I thought it might be a good idea to expand that idea and post those common answers here and expand on them. 

Yes, Sometimes this is Me. 
I Don't Have Brain Farts, My Brain Completely Shits Its Pants From Time To Time. ;D LO

One of the biggest things that pulls me into a project is the colors -- I do have strong opinions about colors and combinations but I generally like all colors. I am not hater of brown when it is used well but it's not top of my list. So my ultimate favorite colors are  bright pink, purple, magenta, Mango, Teal and lime, Or pretty much all of these 
Paper Source Colorscope 2012
I love mini's that are bright and modern and there are tons of Ideas on my Pinterest page -- I usually create custom boards for different swaps if I have time. I love nearly all designs that included fabrics like Kate Spain, Tula Pink, Anna Maria Horner, Joel Dewberry Carolyn Friedlander and Alison Glass. I also love cutsie prints like Aneela Hooey, Riley Blake and the japaneese prints but nothing too cartoon like. 

The other portion of the survey that I sometimes blank out on is the extras section -- I love sending extras that i know the person will enjoy. Some of my favorite things that I have revieved have been chocolates (preferably milk), yougart covered pretzels, socks, cute pens, notions, thread, fabric scraps, Washi tape, cat toys and pouches. I'm not a coffee or tea drinker, I'm not partial to nuts or coconut but i do like good cashews. As for allergies, my big one is smoke -- it will close off my head like a vault door and make it super hard to breath. The others that I have are odd (mushrooms, pine and Lillies) so they don't usually effect a swap. 

I like to let my swap mama know that I have cats, to be courteous of other people's allergies -- it also gives my partner a little more about me (you know in case you missed seeing Mr. Nugget in my Instagram feed). 

I do struggle defining my skill level as a quilter -- I feel that this is something that is always evolving and these minis often times provide a great opportunity to try something new to build on my skills. I know how to do many things -- paper piece, sew curves, free motion quilt, work with very small pieces, y-seams, make basic bags. Things I haven't tried yet -- EPP, applique, hand quilting, embroidery, Cathedral Windows. With that, I would say I am an experienced quilter but in my head I don't put myself in that group. Here's a sampling of Minis that I sent in 2014. 
 I did 10 swaps in 2014 and at least as many in 2013. This year I hope to keep up this pace -- maybe even do more. I'm a self proclaimed addict when it comes to swaps, but there are far worse things to be hooked on. I'm looking for an opportunity to be a swap angel or a swap mama. 


  1. I have actually never done anything other than block swaps -- I am hoping to do a mini swap at some point in 2015! :)

  2. I hear you! I know you won't believe it, but I could have written this post, the sign made me LOL! Love the idea abt keeping the swap info on hand... This is a place where I miss the real Flickr when we could just post all of that there. Wonder how we could do that at IG??

  3. It was fun to read more about you and I'll most likely host one or two events myself this year. I wonder if you will end up on the list? :)

  4. great post, and I'm sure helpful to your partners.