Thursday, January 8, 2015

Finally the weather and my schedule cooperated for photos

So I did a big link up post last week of 2014 fourth quarter finishes and many of the photos were low quality and came from my Instagram account. The reason being is that I haven't had my trusty quilt assistant to help with photos recently because of our work schedules, getting home after dark and in the south it rains quite frequently in the winter. So times that we have been home at the same time that it was light outside were not ideal for taking pictures because of weather or because we had family in for the holidays. 

First up is a very special baby quilt for a lady at work that found out she was expecting her 3rd child at the age of 37. Now I know that isn't a late in life child but her oldest son is 16 and he will be finishing high school next year. She's going a 1950's diner style theme in her baby room.  I went with a simple split nine patch on this one and really love the outcome -- more importantly mom to be loves it. I got it delivered to her Monday and it's a good thing because she might be having the baby any day now and if not she will be induced on the 13th. 
I even Quilted her last mane into the quilt 

My other finish to finally share is my Bible Studies blocks quilt -- this was a block of the week from 2013 that I struggled with a great deal. The blocks didn't come out like they were supposed to and some of the directions were very poorly written. These were just the blocks that I was able to trim to the most consistent size -- so some of the points are gone but overall I'm OK with the results and I know it's going to look great hanging in my stairwell. (I'm needing a trip to IKEA.) 
Right away someone claimed it as his new bed -- it's a good thing he's cute. I mean really why wouldn't he need 3 quilts to sleep on, that equates to about 12 bed layers.
These were great to get off he to do list and wrap up the year -- only a few more things on the long term list, I'm hoping to move another one or more of those to the finished pile later this month. I know those pending Swap items will be moving off the list. 

Happy Quilting Everyone !!


  1. The baby quilt is adorable and I love the colours you chose for the Bible Studies quilt. Great finishes... And cute kitty! :-)

  2. I *LOVE* how these came out but that baby quilt is spectacular!

  3. The finishes look great. Crossing items of the To Do list always feels wonderful.